About Adironnda

Marilyn “the Vessel” Harper & Joeaux “the Joy” Robey
CoCreators Adironnda & Company

Their mission is to create a better, happier planet by delivering the loving and often hilarious messages of Adironnda.

Each person has a unique Divine Essence. Marilyn is Divine Inspiration. Joeaux is Divine Action. Marilyn is also the Divine Link for Adironnda & the Council of Light – messengers sent by Source to help with the Shift of the Planet.

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Our Events

Sometimes, we travel the planet and bring people to special, sacred places where they can pick up an aspect of their soul. Other times, we bring the world together online to assist one another in experiencing Spirituality and our own Divine awakening.

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Our Blog

Adironnda (and the Council of Light) give us so much information that we can’t always deliver it only in the form of private and group sessions. So, we publish a weekly video to share the wisdom. We also publish other information of awakening here. Be sure to check back!

Crestone, CO: Your Next Step

Enjoy this guided meditation, from the deck of our retreat center in Crestone: Join Marilyn and Adironnda…On A Personal Journey Retreat Wed-Mon., October 12-17, 2016 Silver Star Retreat Center, Crestone – CO Limited to 1st 12 participants We have just received guidance that this retreat will be different from any of our other Crestone Retreats. […]

How Meditation Saved My Life

Totally burned out… no real sense of purpose. Hi Adironnda, it’s me, Joeaux, Not too many years ago, … as on any other weekday, I woke up, I exercised, and I ate breakfast. I checked my email before commuting one hour to my corporate job in Santa Monica, California. I sipped some coffee and watched […]

Yeshua Talks about the Power of Play

Master Yeshua made another appearance at our Double Digit Group Channeling Session, on July 7, 2014. The numbers lined up to support a playful energy, so he spoke of the awesome power of play.   ADIRONNDA: So it is good day to you! Very good to see each of you while we introduce ourselves as […]

Eye-to-Eye with a Smiling Dolphin

Relax, I told myself. Breathe. I love swimming with dolphins in Bimini Bahamas but breathing underwater is always an adjustment. So, here I was again, immersed in the sea, feeling a little bit of that old panic as my body insisted that it’s not natural to breathe under water. At least not anymore.  The sea is so vast, […]

My Amazing Crestone Experience

Now that I have been to Crestone, the desire to return is stronger than the initial tug and this time I will be able to attend Marilyn Harper’s Next Step retreat in October 2011. I want to experience again these portals into the past, the present and the future but this time with Adirronda’s help and guidance. I hope to learn more about these huts and the stories that Mother Earth has to tell.
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