Lenedra Carroll and the Power of Toning

TONIGHT: Lenedra Carroll

TONIGHT’S TOPIC: Lessons in the Power of Toning
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WHEN: Wednesday, Sept. 19 – 6PM Pacific
WHERE:  http://wp.me/PSbwT-Mk
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FOR LAST NIGHT’S REPLAY: bj King, John F Schulte, & Leandra Murray
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About Lenedra Carroll

Over the past 50 years, Lenedra has explored chants, sounds and techniques from all over the world. She healed her damaged heart muscle and discovered techniques that soothed her through frightening times.  Others made her an effective communicator, do better in her work, helped enhance intimacy, and created a more direct connection to Source, to the Highest in her.

As she learned to develop her voice, Lenedra’s joy has been to discover and train herself to use it for ALL that Creator intended for it.  As she did, her life found wings.  The power of sound opened the portals of creation for direct benefit in her growth and life.

Join Lenedra for a full hour of sound information and instruction. This is a 2nd webinar – carried over from last week. If you didn’t attend last week, you can download it here (Be sure to scroll down). Participation last week is not required for tonight’s. It will be new information!

*See* you tonight online or on the call! The call will be recorded and a download link will be sent out afterwards.

Blessings in light, love, and laughter!

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