Master the NEW Human

Use the quantum field to activate your personal magnificence and live the life you imagine with all you heart.

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Enter The Triad of Consciousness*

Innate ability - mastering the brain. Learn how to get clear on why you're here now so you can accelerate your multi-dimensional energy. 

Quantum Living

Creating Synchronicities

Innate Ability - magnifying the heart. Learn to navigate personal triumph. Understand how to "make magic" and seize the moment.

Meet Marilyn and Joeaux

Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey bring 45 years combined self-discovery, spiritual seeking, and purpose filled living. They bring the messages of Adironnda (a Being from the 17th Dimension).

The two are passionate about assisting people to connect with Spirit, to listen to their own Spiritual Guidance, and tap into their purpose and destiny on the planet. 

Marilyn admits, she has tried everything from books to workshops, and knows what works! In her own self-discovery, she developed  techniques to remove self-sabotaging beliefs and patterns to discover the “touchstones” of her own life. Adironnda and the Council of Light began to speak through her, amplifying these plus those that the Council desires for the world. Marilyn is a Reiki and Quantum Touch Master, and originator of Holographic Healing.

Upcoming Plurkshops

Red Deer, AB Canada
Nov. 17-18, 2018

Centre for Spiritual Living
6315 Horn St
Red Deer, AB T4N 6H5, 

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Quantum Living
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Creating Synchronicities

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MASTERING THE NEW HUMAN PLURKSHOPS are a little bit of play and a little bit of work. Or, "plurk". We'll have you laughing to open up your heart. Next, you'll take part in some amazing interactive experiences to engage your brain. Why? Because when you use your brain and your heart together you begin to change your biology. And The Triad of Human Consciousness* is all about those innate abilities that change your biology into the NEW Human: mastering the brain, magnifying the heart, and communicating with Spirit. 

By the end of our euphoric day(s) together you’ll radiate magnificence. That's evolution.


Master the New Human 
Adironnda Weekends

Join Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey for A weekend (or A day) of Quantum Living AND Creating Synchronicities Plurkshops! These  completely immersive - and VERY FUN - Plurkshops are created for you to FEEL and MASTER these first two innate abilities so you can recreate them at anytime. 

These Plurkshops take place during Kryon InnerActive Weekends! 
Join Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey on Monday (extended weekend : ) to learn the innate ability: communicating with Spirit. How to Channel Even If (You Think) You Can't is entertaining and effective. The title says it all. Leverage Your Akash is a 2-hour evening event that teaches YOU how to go in and out of your own Akash. 

Master the New Human 
Kryon InnerActives

How to Channel Even If (You Think) You Can't

Innate Ability - Communicating with Spirit. Learn the Secret World Class Channelers Use to Tap Into Their Innate Abilities.

Leverage Your Akash to Accelerate Your Present Purpose

Bonus Innate Ability - Learn to retrieve your greatest assets from your own Akash, anytime!

Monday During the Kryon InnerActive Weekend

Sunday Evening During the Kryon Inneractive Weekend

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*The Triad of HumanConsciousness comes from Lee Carroll's Book Fourteen with Kryon, The New Human - The Evolution of Humanity. The "triad" includes the innate abilities the Masters of this Planet utilized, that are truly the only difference between you and them. They simply remembered how to use these abilities - and so can you!

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BONUS: Typically, Lee Carroll invites Marilyn (and Adironnda) to join on stage for the Kryon Channeling.

In 2010, Joeaux Robey joined Marilyn when Adironnda spoke to her through another person. With a successful background in start-ups, Adironnda requested her assistance with Marilyn. Adironnda's messages spoke so deeply to Joeaux that she quit her Corporate VP position to help bring the word (and methods) of the Council, with Marilyn, to all ready to listen. Joeaux holds an MBA, is a Reiki Master and Psych-K facilitator.

Adironnda is a spokes Being from the 17th Dimension, representing a Council of Masters that once walked the Earth. "They" refer to Marilyn as "the vessel" and "Divine link." Adironnda brings forth the feeling of unconditional love, the secrets of the Universe, and the true purpose of life. It's not essential that you believe in "them" to derive benefits from their information.

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  • Wilmington, NC 
  • Sarasota, FL 

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What People (Like You) Tell Us

"Just wanted to let you know how great the three days in Berkeley Springs we're for us.  That channeling workshop was the high point.  We have been using Marilyn's CDs every morning.  We love your energy! Many thanks!" ~ Nancy and Jay

"How to Channel Plurkshop: I found the energy to be beautifully nurturing, warm and kind. The content and exercises were helpful to advance my own work. You know that an experience was exceptional when you don't want for it to end!
I thank both of you for an inspirational and exceptional program and look forward to a continued relationship!" ~ Thom

"I had the bestest weekend being with my sister Mary and experiencing one of the Kryon events with you and Joeaux and Lee and Amber---- I will always remember it and always have you all close to my heart--- Especially Adironnda!!!! My heart is very full with love and compassion now!!! WHOOOoHOOOO!!!!!" ~ Clare

"Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for the meditation to open our Akashic records. You are one amazing woman and channel. And so funny too. A little dynamo!!!!." ~ Shelley

"Thank you for your Light that you so wonderfully shine into lives of so many people on this planet brining upliftment, healing and love.
I absolutely enjoyed the workshop on Akashic Awakening in Connecticut. My visions, sensations and images from the Akash are getting clearer and clearer every time I go through the meditations on the recording. I also feel lighter every time. Again, thank you for your Light and Inspiration!" ~ Milla

"Loved, loved, loved my first time experience with you...  Loved your energy.. Carried it with me to work all day today. What fun that entity Adironnda is.." ~ Swas

"Thank you so much for your class and thank you to Adironnda for helping me. I have listened to the recording several times now and each time I go a little deeper and everything is shifting a little more. There is actually someone I am getting to know right now and I am actually able to walk true it, so that is very exiting! Thank you so much and lots of love JB, New Zealand." ~ JB, New Zealand

"Thank you for providing an amazing Channeling workshop this past Monday on Carolina Beach! I enjoyed meeting you and Joeaux and experiencing all that was shared." ~ Karen, North Carolina

"Just saw you channeling last Saturday. We drove about 4 hours to get there and we were not disappointed. It was fabulous and I am so grateful for the things that were released <3 <3 <3. I am 53 years old and have never felt calm since childhood. Thank you, for being such a big help in my growth. So nice to meet you and I look forward to seeing you all again ....very soon. Much Light, Love and Big Hugs" ~ Gracie M

"And we are always so humbled by your kind words and love. We do what we do because of people like you. We LOVE our PLURK!" ~ Marilyn & Joeaux

Adironnda & Company ©2018

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Sacramento, CA
Jun. 1-2, 2019

Crowne Plaza Sacramento Northeast
5321 Date Avenue
Sacramento, CA 95841
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Phoenix, AZ
Feb. 16-17, 2019

Hilton Hotel Phoenix Airport
2435 S. 47th Street
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Houston, TX 
Feb. 9-10, 2019

South Shore Harbour Resort & Conference Center
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Toronto, ON
Mar. 2-3, 2019

Courtyard Marriott Toronto Airport
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