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Join Us Wednesday, December 12 @ 6 PM PT / 9 PM ET

Once a month, there’s a truly unique and amazing event that takes place, known as Adironnda’s Double Digit State of the Universe Message & Activation. It occurs on each month’s double digit date, in this case on 12/12.

As a FREE gift, for listening to my interview with Dr. Molly Casey, you’ve been invited to join us live on Wednesday, 12/12/18 to witness December’s special Double Digit Message and Activation.

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What is the Double Digit State of the Universe Message and Activation?

Channeled every month since 09/09/09, Adironnda takes the double digit of the month (like the 3/3, 4/4, 5/5) and magnifies the energy of the master number according to Numerology.

We take that energy and then bring in a State of the Universe message basically by connecting to the galactic energy, as well as the Universal energy on this planet, to give you a little insight as to what’s going on.

It’s absolutely fascinating and open to Q&A, so you can call in and be with us live, and ask any question you wish. And Adironnda gives you a universal answer. We also have an activation that takes the energy of whatever that numerological Master Number of the month is, and then activates it within you.

We connect with people around the globe in Divine partnership, and could give you testimony after testimony of how the Double Digit Message & Activation has positively affected people. And so as our FREE GIFT TO YOU, we wanted to give you the opportunity to experience one for yourself.

Who is Adironnda?

Adironnda is a Quantum Being from the 17th Dimension without form (body) who has connected into Marilyn Harper’s physical energy space. And there’s also the Council of Light, a galactic council of 12 Ascended Masters & Archangels, who often come in with their own message, to acknowledge who is present on the call and give even more depth and insight into the energy.

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