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About Angela

Rev. Angela Mandato LMT, NC NCTMB is a mystic and a gifted energy medicine practitioner. She is a leader in heart centered communication and is well versed in the languages of body, mind, soul and spirit. She is a masterful bodyworker, mentor, guide, and shaman.

Angela has studied with many experts, indigenous wisdom keepers and healers from around the world and has been given the esteemed title of Metis Clan Mother. Angela is a graduate of the Sensory Development Institute and the Healing Light Body School. She is certified in Soulful Communication, Soulful Leadership, and Ultimate Human training as well as a long list of energy medicine modalities. She teaches worldwide on the topics of “Shamanic Energy Medicine”, “Navigating the Realms of Relationship” and “Dying Consciously”. She also facilitates sacred sites ceremonies in Peru and around the world.

Topic: The Nature of Awareness

Description: If we were to look closely enough and give our full attention, the whole universe would light up and speak to us. If we believe that we already know, then we close the doors to seeing what is truly there. Nature has a way of lighting up and guiding us in profound ways if we allow it.

Workshop: Shamanic Healing Workshop

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In order to heal, we need to release the past hurts and wounds. In order to release, we must bring honor to the suffering we have carried. This powerful shamanic healing workshop will give you the ability to bring honor and acceptance to your journey, and to release. Through sound and energy, your chakras and energy body will be cleared and balanced and strengthened.

Sunday, September 27, 2015
7:30pm – 9:30pm



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