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bj King is a practical mystic, artist, writer, minster, teacher of creativity, spiritual life coach, president of Namaste, Inc. a non-profit spiritual education organization based out of Oklahoma City. She works inter-dimensionally as a liaison between the Intergalactic Federation, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelic realm and Humanity. She is editor and publisher of the Namaste Newsletter and the Namaste Mystery School of Remembering and the author of several books: OLD LOVES ARE SELDOM FINISHED, WHO ARE YOU AND WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING HERE? UNIVERSAL LAWS, THE NEW BEATITUDES, THE FORTY-NINE RAYS THEIR MEANINGS AND USES, LIFE IS A GAME THESE ARE THE RULES.

bj does readings by connecting her Oversoul to the client’s Oversoul and having a conference call with the client’s Oversoul. All the information the client receives comes from the client’s soul. She has access to the Akashic record and has the ability to read the client’s incarnation contract and life purpose. She is authorized by the Hierarchy to administer initiations and activations when called for by the client’s soul and are only done in person. The activation includes the activation of additional chakras and an energetic adjustment of the body with the soul for direct soul communication. If done separately from a reading the activation is $30.00. If the activation is done when the reading is done there is no extra charge. The reading sessions last for one hour and are recorded and given to the client on a CD.

Topic: Galactic night work with extraterrestrials and inner terrestrials

I will talk about my personal experience of finding out who I am galactic ally and where I was working aboard a Venusian ship when lady master Venus asked me to walk in to this body and also explain why most people don’t remember their night work.



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