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Christi Daniels is a Self-full Mindset Hacktivist whose passion is assisting extraordinary women as they break out of self-limiting patterns keeping them stuck satisfying everyone else, but losing themselves in the process.

After 14 years in the corporate world (and recovering from earning her Ph. D. in Putting Others First), she started her business to make good on a pledge to assist women and provide a short cut to shave off years of self-sacrifice and deprivation so that they could live with higher levels of joy, energy and ease in their lives.

Using an eclectic mix of unconventional methods, Christi assists women in returning their focus and priority back onto themselves and reconnecting with their own inner wisdom and inherent value.

Christi is the founder of the You First Movement, leads an eight-week course in self-fulfillment and is the author of Sabbatical from Saying Yes. Find out more at

Topic: Counterfeit Yes and Sacred No

You are the vessel, the gift and treasure. Treating yourself with care and respect is something that can’t be outsourced. Shift the dullness of anything that’s not serving you by infusing it with the aliveness, magic and sacredness of you. Together, we can create a world with that honors and values everyone in it, but first we need to be the change we want to see and begin with ourselves.

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