About Diana Garber

A reporter once remarked that Feng Shui Master Diana Garber ‘isn’t your typical candle-sniffing cloud watcher.’ In fact, her results have changed the minds of many skeptics.

She lived a disciplined corporate life while simultaneously pursuing Feng Shui. At a fortune 100 company she oversaw 65,000 workstations and 2,500 servers. She’s worked command centers for the NY terrorist attack, Hurricanes Lili & Isidore, the Ft. Worth tornado, and more.

Diana survived 20 major surgeries, two near-death experiences, and the loss of children. She says, “manage the environment consciously or it unconsciously manages you.”

She has achieved much success in the Feng Shui world including serving as the Feng Shui practitioner for The Ohio State University. Diana is the 1st Feng Shui Master to be speak at a national medical convention and has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, and NPR.

Topic: For the Love of Mother (Earth That Is)

We’ve chosen to be here at this time, and the time is now … to listen. Everything speaks if we’re open to hearing. What is Mother Earth saying?

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