About Gabbie Deeds

Tinnie or Gabbie as she is known (Thanks to her granny who insisted that she talked way too much) was born in Louisiana (April 16, 1973) but grew up in the small town of Woodson Texas. She is a Spiritual Medium, radio personality, mother, life partner, and teacher. Behind her tender southern charm lies a story of tragedy and triumph. Within the first 17 years of her life she had 2 near death experiences and lost her father to pancreatic cancer. Those events brought about a whirlwind of psychic phenomena that allowed her to strengthen her abilities as a medium and healer giving her the opportunity to share with others the amazing journey that the spiritual world has to offer.

Her clients have described Gabbie as a friend with wisdom and the gift of peace. Time with Gabbie will open communication to the spirit world and help ease the soul. Her reading style not only will connect you to spirit but help you see the road that can lead you to your spiritual and life goals.

Gabbie has also worked on nationally known missing person cases and has been a guest on radio and been ask to write a book about her journey as a Medium. She is considered an expert in Instrumental Trans-communication using ITC, EVP, and quantum theory’s as a means to gather information for sensitive projects.

Gabbie and her partner Kelli live in the breathtaking Ozark Mountains near Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They are blessed with two children: Robin (24) and Kerry (22) and their beautiful grandson Kasin (1). (Gabbie said she can’t wait to add to the list of grandkids…the sooner the better!)

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