Jennifer Hough About Jennifer Hough

Jennifer is a Seer, Awakening Alchemist, Author and Lover of Life.

Her work is to assist each of us to awaken to our innate abilities beyond the five senses to experience life in complete flow, as it was meant to be. Imagine being fully integrated with the piece of the puzzle of Heaven on Earth that you were born to be in this lifetime. Jennifer is a supreme lover of life whose magnetic style and authenticity have blown audiences away having been around the world speaking about the Global Awakening . She has the capacity to activate the sub-atomic remembrance of who you are, making that little voice in your head highly uninteresting to listen to. Her mission is to cause Heaven within so we can all bring Heaven with us wherever we go!
Get Out of Your Own WayTM – Two full Days and a Follow Up – 30 people liveThe Programs she and her team facilitate are:

and intimate with Jennifer and Team, with personal activations and channelling for a permanent cellular and subatomic shift

Quantum Wake Up Calls – Jennifer channels information from our Collective guidance realms and answers questions about Awakening once a month about humanity’s shifts,
who we are and why we’re here.

Innate Abilities Skills Training – The most awakening four c lasses of your life, experiential two-month interactive video classes, live with Jennifer

Flight School – Six-month immersion directly mentored by Jennifer – 1 on 1’s,
travel in private groups, exclusive workshops, application required.
Only 18 participants accepted per year.

Wide Awakening Adventures – Special journeys in Awakening with Jennifer

Topic: Become the Alchemist & Be the Magnet without the Mind

Have you ever wondered how some people can make quantum leaps in their health, in their success, abundance, speak to their guidance levels directly, and seem to glide through life? If it is time for you to find congruence with your purpose, have more energy on less sleep, and maintain clarity and peace in times of great change, then please come and experience this cellular, sub-atomic and life shifting journey with Jennifer Hough, she has the unique skill to activate our multi dimensional genetic Innate Abilities and dissolve old density through a frequency of communication called Master Activation.

This sub-atomic, and cellular upgrade will shift you, such that what is Required to Flourish Comes to You Automatically… beyond the mind’s intention. You will start to see the evolution far beyond the law of attraction, where you simply emanate who you are, and why you are here so powerfully that your being-ness is enough to pull to you everything you need.

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