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Designated by Melchizedek as a “Master Electrician of the Soul,” John F. Schulte is a powerful and pure channel for the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy, a potent Sound Healer, and an engaging Spiritual Teacher and Speaker. Two Walk-Ins, more than 30 years of self-healing and empowerment practices, and numerous life-altering spiritual initiations have brought him a deep well of compassion along with a broad understanding of the struggles of walking the spiritual path.Supported by his degrees in English, Education and Theater, these life experiences infuse John’s offerings with clarity, wisdom, and an offbeat sense of humor; amplifying the transformative power of his work for everyone. He has travelled extensively around the US and abroad to offer private sessions and his numerous initiations and spiritual classes.

More recently he has created the GATEWAY 2011-2012 Activations which are available by both teleconference and recording, as well as in person.John can be heard weekly on his internet-radio hour, Exposing the Masters Within. (Sundays at 3:00 PM Eastern Time on Developing his new website——continues his technological progress and allows him to share his work, especially the sound-based initiations of The PASS Process™—providing Automatic Updates from Your Soul™, with the world. For details, contact John directly at (603) 554-1660 or

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3 thoughts on “John F. Schulte

  1. james hamilton says:

    Hi. I have tried calling both numbers multiple times, and his email.
    I am wondering if he is ok.
    He was starting a new series of Sessions, and then – nothing.
    And thank you for getting back with me. He always spoke so highly of you.

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