John Schulte

About John Schulte

John F. Schulte is a “Master Electrician of the Soul,” an Activator/Initiator for Spiritual Awakening and Empowerment, a pure channel for the Ascended Masters and the Spiritual Hierarchy, a potent Sound Healer, and an engaging Spiritual Teacher and Speaker.

For more than thirty years he’s explored self awareness exercises, self-healing processes, and empowerment practices. Shaped by multiple life-altering spiritual experiences—and twenty-five years experience teaching students from junior high to geriatric—his offerings are infused with extraordinary clarity, profound wisdom, and an offbeat sense of humor.

He’s shared his Spiritual/Healing work extensively around the US and abroad for twenty-one years.


Topic: Beyond Manifestation

We live…so we desire…so we manifest…and eventually feel dissatisfied…so we desire…so we repeat ad nauseam. How can we transcend the limitations and frustrations of this manifestation cycle? Come join us to learn how to live Beyond Manifestation.

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