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In 1994, Leandra experienced an instantaneous transition of soul evolution. From a Health Care Administrator to an overlighting experience that filled her with knowledge, peace, radiant joy and connection within oneness. Nearly two decades living on an Indian Reservation in Montana guided by the Creator’s luminous spirit and taught by the many lighted Tribes of the Invisible Worlds has created her as evolutionary change-maker. Leandra’s mission of Medicine Spirit includes group and individual sessions. She is known as a Seer and Galactic Shaman who is anchored in the physical with gifts of illumination, vision, healing, prophecy, expansion and ignition of trigger points of evolution.

Topic: Opening the Star that is Within Your Soul

The Star Being that you are is connected within! We will give you description from the Spirit Worlds and techniques to bring illumination linkages as your Soul lightens and you turn the switch to high beam. This involves a different type of focus, a supreme component is TRUST and the ability to listen within. Who you are is already primed to receive this Illumination that is the Evolution of Soul.


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We will begin with a Galactic Shamanic Journey utilizing the Portals of Power transdimensional paintings created from Mystic Vision. Each participant will receive copies of the symbol paintings for hands and feet activation to take home with them. Group and Individual Illumination processes will take place, before, during and after the Journey. A complimentary group telephone conference will take place in October to assist focus and continue anchoring linkages to the Soul Illumination process.

Friday, Septermer 25, 2015

2 thoughts on “Leandra Murray

  1. Marilyn Harper says:

    Hi Isabel, Leandra can’t respond through this website. I know she has a Facebook page you can message her on. I can send her your email address if you like. I might be able to work on her, but right now I am scheduled in private sessions to the max. Leandra might have some time. Holding you and your sister in healing light. Blessings, Marilyn

  2. Isabel Avila says:

    Hi Leandra. Do you receive me? I am Isabel from Spain
    My sister is under a terminal cancer. I wonder if you could help me?

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