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Lenedra Carroll is an accomplished businesswoman, visionary, singer, artist and author who grew up on a homestead in rural Alaska in the 1950’s. Of Ms. Carroll’s achievements, three that stand out are her successes as an author and as a successful music manager, and her work as a humanitarian. Her unique management style and business intuitions led her to enjoy great success in her 15-year career in the music industry. In her book, The Architecture of All Abundance (New World Library), Ms. Carroll revealed both the unconventional and practical methods she employed in every aspect of her life. Many of her insights have been proven in the development and management of the career of multi-platinum recording artist, Jewel. Lenedra’s book won NAPRA’s 2002 prestigious Nautilus Award for outstanding merit in the Personal Journey/Memoir category.

Topic: The Anatomy of a Tangle Healing and Moving Beyond Karma (22 minutes)

A surprising and practical how-to on what Karma is and how to end its ill-effects in your life. Offering new information about Ceremonial Healing, DNA and Karma, and the role of Initiation in your life, Lenedra illuminates the shadow side of you, solves the problems and opens the exciting potential of your Karma.

Topic: What Spiritual Practice is Best for You? (22 minutes)

Learn what constitutes the most effective spiritual practice and design the one best for you.

  • What is important and what isn’t?
  • What is needed to move ahead most quickly and smoothly?
  • What components work best and which can be weeded out?

Combining research and inspired wisdom, Lenedra answers these and other questions that bedevil you as you struggle to maintain a spiritual practice in your demanding world. Becoming an effective Pro activist.

Topic: Life on the New Frontier (22 minutes)

Through a profoundly inspiring allegory for our times, we challenge 3 spiritual ideas common among us now but outdated and shockingly limiting. Using the craft of the master storyteller, Lenedra helps you understand how to be the most effectively useful lightworker you can be.

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