Marie CommiskyAbout Marie Commisky

A little about Marie:

Marie Commiskey is the visionary and creative muse of Avalon.

Growing up in the Mississippi sun, lying on her back in the humid grasses, watching the magnolia flowers dance on the breeze, Marie studied movement and light, and learned to see the world with different eyes.

Her passion for photography has led to a lifelong pursuit of beauty from behind her lens, taking her on enchanting road trips thru the dessert and tours of the world’s Holiest Places.

Marie captures nature, people and life, their essence and personality, reflecting their personal lifestyle, feelings, and Self . . . making them timeless. Marie works with her clients rather than for them, finding that collaboration – combining her talent, experience, and vision with their desires – makes exceptional images that reveals the magic of life.

Title: Photographing the Magic of You!

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