Rose Grace VisionaryAbout Rev. Rose Grace

Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Energy Healer, Inner Wisdom teacher and Lightworker has been helping people change their lives since 1979. Her passion is to help people connect with their own internal Spiritual guidance system in order to be fully present and live their life’s mission to the fullest. She has created the Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment Center (a not for profit training organization) which promotes personal Spiritual alignment and enlightenment. By acquiring knowledge and experiences in a combination of principles from the fields of Natural Science, Quantum Physics, Metaphysics and Shamanism students are exposed to an understanding of how to use these processes to Spiritually Awaken to our Soul’s power, beauty, and grace.

Topic: Awakening to Your Life Mission

As Spiritual beings in a human body we are all very powerful creators. As Lightworkers our goal is to learn to use the spiritual tools of thought, light, sound, and imagination to keep our light clear and powerful, and live by the specific mission that guides our life path. When we do this we improve our wellbeing, create our future, further human evolution and call in the perfect Spiritual beings and people to help and support us.

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