Visionaries in Light Convergence 2015

Since 2011, known as the Walk-ins Welcome Conference

FRI – 25, SAT – 26, SUN – 27 SEPTEMBER     |     HOT SPRINGS, AR


Topics of the Convergence

Gathering all of that juicy information from our speakers now!

“All of the Speakers provided cutting-edge insight into living in the 5th Dimension.” ~K.G., Australia

**Be the Visionary

**Living Your Infinite Potential

**Become the Alchemist & Be the Magnet without the Mind

**The Anatomy of a Tangle Healing and Moving Beyond Karma

**What Spiritual Practice is Best for You?

**Life on the New Frontier

**The Next Step in Human Evolution

**Locked Behind Imprisoning Beliefs

**Galactic night work with extraterrestrials and inner terrestrials

**For the Love of Mother (Earth That Is)

**You First Movement

**Being a Cosmic Conduit in the Age of Awakening

**Opening the Star that is Within Your Soul

**Beyond Manifestation

**Vanquishing the Vamps and Leaches to Permanently Align and Express from Our Soul

**Awakening to Your Life Mission

**Sound Alchemy for our Galactic Evolution…Reprogramming our DNA thru Frequency

**CYCLES, CIRCLES & SONGS: Transformation through awareness of Patterns

**Lightworker’s Guide to Tools of the Future

**Trusting the Unknown – guided by synchronicities and signs

**How can I emanate more of me for you? My journey of Awakening

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