About Victor James Dougherty

An accomplished singer/songwriter, producer, and director for over 25 years, Victor has been featured at The Kauffman Center, Walnut Valley Music Festival, several short films and numerous radio programs including KKFI FM Radio, KC Cafe Radio.With his transformative songs, exceptional professionalism, and passionate performances, Evolving Magazine celebrates Victor as “a unique, empowering, and conscious voice in music.”


Topic: CYCLES, CIRCLES & SONGS: Transformation through awareness of Patterns

Patterns of behavior, cycles of creativity, songs that seem to reach right into our souls; exploring these can be fertile ground for transformation. Come and play with us as we share an experiential moment together!

Workshop: Kirtan calls you back to your Heart! Devotional chanting and dance

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Chanting, movement and meditation as an expression of the Divine. Lyrics from several traditions provided. A sequential experience going from silence to frequency to chakra clearing to chanting to rhythm and finally movement.All are welcome here.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

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