2017 New Year’s Day Numerology Message

2017 Navigating the Insane Energies

It’s Our Annual New Year’s Day DOUBLE DIGIT State of the Union Activation and Meditation!

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Navigating the INSANE Energies of 2017.

Navigating the vortex of energy in 2017 will be a powerful activation opening up a 3 year corridor of ignition. We will ignite your most conscious dreams and aspirations as well as close the doorway on those old things that has “seemed” to block you.

Here’s Marilyn’s take on the 1/1/2017 message, before hand.

One of Our Annual Gifts to You

Every year, Adironnda and the Council of Light, with Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey, plus special guest Composer, Randy Luna – gather together to deliver a message from Spirit to the Planet. It’s always based on numerology, as are all of our Double Digit Messages throughout the year.

Enjoy the 2017 Message and Activation Video Replay Below

“Your language… your heart is the biggest purchase order of the Universe.” ~ Master Yeshua

The energy of the 2017 message was surrounded in love and peace. Due to time, we weren’t able to answer all of the questions that were asked but please check back in a week or so, Adironnda will answer those questions in the comments below.

As always, we LOVE to hear your feedback! Comments in the boxes below.

You can join us LIVE each month and become a part of our Double Digit community…

Of course, you can always join us each month via an individual session, too.

Thank You for Joining Us for this Special Message.

You make a difference on the planet just by adding your energy into the message. Adironnda always says, “where two or more gather the energy is multiplied by 144 times.” When we spread love and peace throughout the world, as we did on New Year’s Day, we are happy to have all the energy we can get… so, thank you for your assistance. Even watching the replay adds to the energy.

Oh, and Here’s Randy’s Special Activation.

Click the link below to download to your audio device and listen again and again.

DOWNLOAD THE 07101 Double Digit Activation >

We look forward to seeing you next month on the Double Digit State of the Universe Message and Activation.

Namasté Y’all. Namasté!

Marilyn and Joeaux
Adironnda & Company

One thought on “2017 New Year’s Day Numerology Message

  1. Johanne Werth says:

    Wow! that was really exquisite, Marilyn, Adironnda and Randy!

    I just returned from my short holiday and am so glad that I was able to listen to this awesome replay of the 1-1-2017 Double Digit event. Infinite thanks and gratitude.

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