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21 One-of-a-kind Visionaries

  • Daily channeling from Adironnda & the Council of Light 
  • Giant Bonfire release
  • People pod experiences
  • Shamanic journeys
  • Channel panel Q&A
  • Community mandala
  • Silent disco
  • Come as you are in 2023
  • Costumed banquet
  • "Shoot you the juice"
  • Cosmic sound interludes

What's a Convergence?

Since 2011, Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey have been gathering Visionaries who, in a very unique way, are nudging humanity forward. Often, it's an approach that may not even have a language yet! It's an inner-active experience of sharing wisdom, meeting your soul family, playing in the energy - all in a container for transformation. We journey to wherever our converging energies take us to expand the possibilities for ourselves and humanity. 

So... as all of the great balloonists say, "Thumbs up!" 
(Airspace is clear, permission to launch.) 

AGL* Channel Panel

Ask our panel of professional channels anything... and join in, later, as a channel yourself : ) *AGL is balloon speak for above ground level.

Community Mandala

Imagine a hot air balloon decorated with a mandala... Well, ours may never get off the ground but - surprise! - you will assist in an international message. Check your welcome package.

Let the Bonfire Begin

Rise to new heights by first releasing all expectations. Write it down, toss it into the fire, witness its departure. Make way for your greatest joy, or better, with Convergence 2018.

Take a Shamanic Journey

Daily guided and mystical departures to assist in your experiences of other dimensions and realms and to activate your Light Body.

Converging Hours

Or, 2760 minutes of possibilities for rubbing-elbows, sprouting ideas, blossoming or rekindling friendship, activating, laughing, dancing, and illuminating.



People Pods

A Convergence process introducing you to your soul-family! Connect with people just like you. Enjoy dinner on us to celebrate your pod!



We limit it to 222 registrants - that way, you can say "hello" to everyone. AND - the first 150 registered are guaranteed admittance to the Balloon fiesta. 


Optional Workshops

Beginning Thursday at 3PM - Friday at noon, and also all day on Monday. Work up close with speakers who share their personal processes to assist YOU in achieving YOUR vision. Plan travel accordingly.

Meet This Year's Visionaries

Since 2011, hundreds of people have submitted applications to be a featured visionary speaker at our Convergence. Speakers are selected based on their unique wisdom, their futuristic entertainment, and their practical process.  During our entire event you will be entertained, activated, enlightened, inspired and motivated to take immediate action towards YOUR own vision. (Even if you don't know what that is right now!)


What better way to anchor the feeling of "lift off" into the cells of your body than to witness one of the world's greatest celebrations of the simplest flying machine? And, because the Visionaries of Light Convergence is all about the experience, we gather everyone together on a bus at daybreak and journey to the world's most photographed event, The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta. 

Dr. John Ryan

 Associate Professor, Healer, Author, Founder of UFH

Dr. John Ryan is a Board Certified Specialist MD, Associate Professor of Diagnostic Imaging, and a long time student, practitioner and teacher of Energy & Consciousness based Medicine. He is the author of The Missing Pill. This book is a holistic primer designed to bring to the reader a panoramic understanding of the awakening power of spiritual, consciousness and energy based healing – and serves as a practical & personal tool to deeply integrate this new human potential.

Called the “Midwestern Spiritual Sparkplug…” and the "Bette Midler of the Mystical Movement", Marilyn is a renowned public speaker, facilitator, Spiritual teacher and featured on tele-summits and conferences worldwide. Internationally recognized as an expert on the walk-in phenomenon, she brings forth Holographic Healings, and the messages of Adironnda, a Being from the 17th Dimension.

As co-founder of Adironnda & Company (the venture), Marilyn creates programs to assist people in opening their hearts and rediscovering their own magnificence. Her series of Plurkshops (Play + Work = Plurk) are designed for participants to experience their innate abilities as the “new human”.  She has a knack to nudge people to their next level of expansiveness via international adventures, and retreats. On a mission to help people live a life of purpose and joy, she is a natural activator awakening individual light bodies to resonate more light and love on to the Planet.

Marilyn Harper

Featured Keynote, CoHost, Emcee & 
CoProducer of VILC 2018, Divine Link of Adironnda & the Council of Light. International Speaker & Facilitator, Energy Healer & Originator of Holographic Healing, 

"If you want something in your world to shift, this convergence will launch your vision and rock your world... with love."

Co-host & Emcee Marilyn Harper

Optional Plurkshops!

Be sure to plan your travel accordingly.

(Play + work = Plurk). You can do the math on that one : )

Our Convergence is jam packed with experiences! But, we expand time to ensure that you can have special one-on-one, hands-on time with our ahhhh-mazing presenters. Plurkshops begin on Thursday before the Convergence and go through Monday after our closing circle. 

Choose from the Plurkshops below AND PLAN YOUR TRAVEL ACCORDINGLY. You may register independently below OR you'll be given an opportunity when you register for the Convergence

Consciously Living Between Two Worlds - We are living in a time of unprecedented change in Humans and the Earth, a time referred to in history as The Shift of the Ages.  We are at the end of a 200,000 year cycle.  It is a time for us to begin to consciously live between the multi-dimensional worlds (to most people invisible worlds) and Earth.  We are in this World, but we are not of this World.  We will determine the outcome of this time in history by determining our response to this time in history.  What we agree to remember and become will determine the outcome.

bj King

with the Intergalactic Federation,and the Spiritual Hierarchy

Register - Bj's Plurkshop >

Join Us near Santa Fe , NM 
On Sacred Ground...

Santa Ana Pueblo, NM

1300 Tuyuna Trail
Santa Ana Pueblo, NM 87004

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Soulmonic Sound Healing

Featuring Three Trees, takes you on a sacred, harmonic, soul level experience that goes to new depths of energetic healing, clearing and awakening. A Convergence favorite!

"First Flight" 2023

Cloaked in mystery, shrouded in the sacred rites of ballooning , and now, transferred to "visioning". A banquet dinner will attune your life vision for the next 5 years. Of course, you'll come dressed as you'll be in 2023 to activate your vision by "shooting it the juice." 

- - -  Keynotes - - - 

- - -  Neo Activists - - - 

Peter May

22 Minute Speaker

Multi-realmed alchemist who partners with Nature to support healing, balance, and peace. Worked on the Grammy award-winning album Crestone with Paul Winter and Richard Cooke. Creates acoustically-tuned plant and mineral alchemical formulations with essential oils, which help support increased awareness on the levels of body, energy, and mind

Soul Tones


Kathleen Farrell has been involved in the Healing Arts for over 28 years.  She is a Master Reiki teacher and studied Chinese Energetics with a 33rd generation Shaolin priest. Judson Chuck Cunningham has been a practitioner of Energy work for 26 years.   He is a Master Reiki Teacher and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner. Together they have toured Internationally with the bowls and regularly tour the US.

Julie Down

22 Minute Speaker  

Energy healer, consciousness coach,  retreat leader. Studied Shamanic healing arts with Albert Villodo and Sandra Ingerman, Spiritual Response Therapy, Consciousness with Dr. Barbara DeAngelis and Grace Clayton. Reiki II master. Helps people to heal from their suffering to live a conscious and joyous life.

Belinda Ortiz

22 Minute Speaker 

Marilyn Harper

with Adironnda &
the Council of Light

Since 1999, Marilyn Harper has dedicated her life to bringing the messages of Adironnda & Company to the planet. Adironnda is a Spokes-Being from the 17th Dimension, representing a council of Guides, Angels, and Master Teachers from Earth who are no longer in physical form. Loving and funny, they assist in the healing of your heart and of your past, activating whatever is in your Highest good for the betterment of humanity.

Angela Blaha

A transformational teacher, mentor, channel, speaker and author. Angela is the human aspect of a counsel of light Beings who focus on strength and courage, and is devoted to the surrendering of a perfected state of consciousness, the natural condition of the soul, or pure love. In an energetic form within the Akash, for those they are communicating with, they express themselves in a calming yet exciting vibration that exudes strength and courage.

with the Grandmothers

bj King

A practical mystic, artist, writer, minster, teacher of creativity, spiritual life coach, president of Namaste, Inc. a non-profit spiritual education organization based out of Oklahoma City. She works inter-dimensionally as a liaison between the Intergalactic Federation, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Angelic realm and Humanity. She is editor and publisher of the Namaste Newsletter and the Namaste Mystery School of Remembering and the author of several books.

with the Intergalactic Federation,
and the Spiritual Hierarchy

SPECIAL Channel Panel 

John Ryan

Board Certified Specialist MD & practitioner/teacher of Energy & Consciousness based Medicine

Neo Activists are courageous individuals who are so cutting edge in the awakening, that they are actually creating a new vocabulary. Each year, we discover these individuals and proudly share them with you! They bring forth freshly "downloaded" information, and new innate abilities that will blow your mind. They are life and business coaches, musicians, speakers, healers - and most of all - AMAZING.

22 Minute Speaker 

Mentors leaders to connect with their hearts and create a clear vision for moving into abundance, sustainable success, increased purpose and joy. Assists to remove blocks and create a more wholehearted life. Works with lawyers, executives, youth and successful entrepreneurs to become leaders, to connect to their Self and live their Soul purpose.

Michelle Powers

Summer Osborne

22 Minute Speaker |

Award winning American singer-songwriter who entertains audiences throughout the US and Canada with her magical brand of melodic and lyrically potent genre-jumping performances. She masterfully amalgamates the human condition, spirituality, truth, love and healing. 

David Barnett

22 Minute Speaker

Aerospace engineer and an energy healer who explores all forms of energy and psychic healing, clearing of entities, delving into the subconscious, past lives, astral and spiritual planes, soul retrieval and many forms of psychic phenomena.

Leandra Murray

22 Minute Speaker 

Leandra Murray presents a dimensional crossroads of Source Energy to activate and expand  Divinity within the Physical Body.  Ascended Channel Connections for this conference include  ***cosmic level of Melchizedek, The Tibetan Djwahl Kuhl, The Divine Feminine and Great Spirit.***

"I loved the Convergence: sense of family; ease of flow; extraordinary, healing, loving music; the shared meals."
~ Convergence Participant 2017

Michael Lloyd-White 

22 Minute Speaker 

General Secretary to The World Kindness Movement (2012-2017), Chair of World Kindness Australia 2011 -current, Chief Advisor to the Board World Kindness USA & World Kindness China. Winner of the 2017 Lightworkers Convergence in Denver where he won based on sharing his recent experience in Seoul.

In the past, our participants have told us that one of their favorite sessions was the "channel panel." So, this year we've invited some of our favorite trance and conscious channels for the 1st interactive Q & A. However, the 2nd panel will feature YOU. Curious? Must BE present : )

"People are often speechless, light-headed, emotional, and completely blown away after attending the Convergence. I think that's why they continue to return! : )"

Co-host Joeaux Robey

THURS | OCT 4  | 3 to 5PM 

Leandra Murray

with the Cosmic Level of Melchizedek, The Tibetan Djwahl Kuhl, The Divine Feminine and Great

Oct. 4, 5, 6, & 7

Begins 7PM Oct. 4th, ends 10PM Oct. 7th. Plan accordingly.
Optional workshops on Oct. 4, 5, and 8th.  

Morning excursion to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta included on Oct. 6th.

Brought to you by Adironnda & Company with Marilyn and Joeaux

Join Us Just Outside of Santa Fe, NM
Oct. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8th, 2018

Three Trees

Healer, Teacher, Artist and creator of 'SoulMonic Sound Healing'.

A musician for most of his life, Three Trees has been a sound-healing practitioner for over 15 years. With Divine Guidance, he layers rhythms and frequencies for healing on the Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual levels. His techniques and instruments include the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, vocal toning, halo drum, chimes, and rattles while focusing on the healing powers locked within the Drum and Rhythm. Each instrument also has ancestral lineage to our healing and Spirit that we recognize on a Cellular and Soul Level. 

 David Young

Author, Artist, Grammy Nominated Musician, Master Storyteller

Over 20,000 Wellness Centers and healers use his music all day long. John Hopkins Medical Centers have entire floors that play his music 24/7. He's recorded 59 albums, the Musical Affirmation Series have been approved by the APA (American Psychological Association) because of their therapeutic qualities. David plays two flutes at one time creating a harmonic resonance and frequency that millions of people all over the world call "The Most Heavenly Music on Earth." He wrote and starred in the film Village of Dreams on television.

Belinda Ortiz is a Spiritual Love and Life Mentor, Energetic Healer, Intuitive, Alchemist, Certified Life Coach, Certified Access Consciousness Practitioner and Facilitator, Artist of Energized Sacred Geometry and creator of Vibrational Alchemy™ and The Love Alchemy Method™ for healing your Mind, Body and Soul.

Randy Luna


The musician and composer behind all of Marilyn and Adironnda's Meditation music, Randy is a professional composer and pianist. He plays nightly venues in Branson, MI. Randy is also a powerful Reiki Master, a storm chaser, and a closet meteorologist. Ask him about his weather channel : )


(Everyone is a channel)

We believe that everyone channels in one form or another. Some people channel music. art, and literature. Other people channel healings, Beings, and information from the past and the future. During our second Channel Panel we will be giving everyone (who chooses) to participate in the group as a channel. There will be a quick channeling lesson for those who've never done this before.

John's work has led him to the mystical threshold of the quantum nature of DNA and its integral connection to the human spirit. His passion is to apply the potential of this awakening knowledge to support the human in healing. This has culminated in his role as founder of Unity Field Healing (UFH). UFH is a new “quantum” healing process based on conscious activation of the DNA quantum field to support healing and personal evolution. 

Leandra is an evolutionary change-maker, a Seer, and Galactic Shaman. She lived on an Indian Reservation in Montana for nearly two decades, guided by the Creator’s luminous spirit and taught by the many lighted Tribes of the Invisible Worlds. She expands and ignites trigger points of evolution.

Wanna' Present at VILC 2019?


We are actively seeking speakers, musicians, artists, healers, channels/intuitives, and others who have something they would like to share with people who are seeking cutting edge information and creations for a NEW world. 

If this is you, DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION and send it to before Sept. 1, 2018. 

Visionaries in 
Light Convergence

OCT 4, 5, 6, & 7  |  2018
Near Santa Fe, New Mexico

Soaring Transformation.
Includes a world famous Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta journey.

With Joeaux Robey, Marilyn Harper AND Adironnda


Balloon Fiesta Excursion (included*)
*We have reservations for the 1st 100 attendees.

The world's only mindful gathering of awakening visionaries. Combining three goals—experiences, expression, and a desire to be the change you wish to see on the Planet. On sacred grounds , it's the transcendent opportunity to come together around shared values and vision.

Be activated by the unconditional love of Adironnda & the Council of Light. Receive daily wisdom from the Masters.

Daily Adironnda

Witness the Universality of hundreds of hot air balloons lifting up at sunrise. Anchor in this magical venture as a metaphor for your own life vision - supported by your Convergence allies. *Personal balloon ride extra. Guaranteed admittance for first 150 registrants.

Experience the World Famous
Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta

Play in the energy of music and oneness. That's all we are going to say about this one. : )

Silent Disco Unity

Powerful NEW Information

We seek out energy healers, musicians, channels, intuitive coaches, alchemists, and story tellers that you may have never heard of and certainly glad you do now. Profound information.

Join a People Pod

You will be Divinely selected to be part of a like-minded group, assigned a specific situation to help heal Gaia. You may also meet your new best friend(s).

Exclusive Vendors

One of a kind, energetic art pieces and art wear, healing elixirs, plant alchemy, Guided meditations and music, selenite swords, books and so much more. You won't find our vendors any place else but the Convergence.

Expansive Workshops

The Convergence itself is only the tip of the iceberg. Beginning on Thursday, thru Friday and all day Monday, we offer optional hands-on workshops that allow you to deep dive on Convergence topics.

"It's truly an event like no other." 
~ Convergence Participant 2016


Visioning Concert

Saturday night, the Visionaries in Light musicians treat you to their expression of passion in the form of the international language of sound resonance.

For most people in the Spiritual Personal Development industry, managing and planning doesn’t sound very interesting. For Joeaux, launching businesses (and programs) is a passion she’s been leaning into for over 30 years. More recently, her plurk (play+work=plurk) landed her a Divine partnership in Adironnda & Company with Marilyn Harper where her focus is awakening people to a bigger picture of life. Now, she inspires people, rather than businesses, in launching their own magnificence. I guess you could say she’s “living her dream”

Combine creativity, business strategy, technology, and a passion for life, and you have Joeaux Robey. She serves as the Co-Producer, Co-Founder, and Co-Cosmic-Cheerleader at Adironnda & Company. Joeaux takes on challenging responsibilities, such as the translation of the non-linear language of Spirit, and the business of Spiritual Personal Development.

Joeaux Robey, M.B.A.

Featured Keynote, CoHost, CoProducer of VILC 2018, International Speaker & Facilitator, Serial Entrepreneur and Originator of SoulOPreneur. Artist and Writer. 

""This was the most dynamic and impactful conference/workshop I have ever attended! (And I go to a lot of them.)" 
~ Convergence Participant 2017

"I liked how approachable every speaker and presenter was - including Marilyn and Joeaux. This was truly transformational, seeing and feeling how all the speakers are also doing their own work."
~ Convergence Participant 2017

"This was my first Convergence... amazing... just amazing! I absolutely LOVED the speakers and flow of the Convergence... concerts, music - phenomenal!"
Convergence Participant 2017

"It was amazing! (You will need a bigger space next year : )"
Convergence Participant 2017

Join Us Just Outside of Santa Fe, NM
Oct. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8th, 2018


"I loved that I had so many personal breakthroughs."
~ Convergence Participant 2017

The hot air balloon is a beautiful metaphor for launching whatever it is you desire for you or the planet: The interior is sacred geometry and closely resembles a spider web (a totem for creativity). To achieve "lift-off", the interior of the balloonis heated, or energized, until it becomes lighter than air (like Spirit). Once at elevation (the goal), the feeling is quiet and serene. Finally, the view from above allows you to see the bigger picture.

Together, we will experience the mass ascension day... beginning with about a dozen Dawn Patrol balloons performing a choreographed inflation and launch set to music that has been part of the Balloon Fiesta since 1996. 

Next is the Balloon glow. These were invented in Albuquerque in 1979. You'll see hundreds of balloons lit from within - breathtaking - as all the balloons fire their burners and light up at the same time at sunrise.

Then Mass Ascension takes place! (What a metaphor for our group!!!) All participating balloons launch. This is the most spectacular display of sound and color in all of aviation. Weather permitting, balloons begin to launch led by a balloon flying the American flag to the strains of The Star Spangled Banner.

Though we may only be spectator's at the Fiesta, the entire convergence will incorporate your observation during the fiesta. You will receive channeled messages and participate in our own sacred ceremony. Optionally, you may choose to make plans to go up in a balloon - details will be provided. 

Breakfast is included. You'll have time for you to visit the balloon tents and other activities.

" I LOVED this event... my first time ever. Dear Marilyn and Joeaux - just follow your guidance but Australia is ready for you."
Convergence Participant 2016

Journey Back in Time to your Inner Child, to Plant and Nurture the Seeds of Intuition - Many of us grew up with intuitive abilities, but they may not have been recognized or supported. In this workshop, Peter will use special alchemical formulations, music of the plants, binaural frequencies, and time travel to access your inner child, and plant the seeds of intuition, to help discover, stabilize, and embody the space of intuition within your present being.

NOTE: Participants are encouraged to bring a treasured item that they have had since they were 7 years old or earlier, and/or a photo of themselves as a child 7 years old or younger.

Peter May

Peter May is a multi-realmed alchemist who partners with Nature to support healing, balance, and peace.

Register - Peter's Plurkshop >

THE COSMIC TEMPLE™ - Bringing The Sacred To The People...

THE COSMIC TEMPLE is a unique, immersive experience of quantum light, mystical sound and Belinda’s magical love-energy processes to help you heal, transform and align your head, heart and soul. Experience this sacred space of Healing, Oneness and Cosmic Consciousness as you receive activations to entrain your inner-vibration to the cosmos and journey to the Zero Point - The Singular Point of Oneness in All Creation.

Soul Tones

Belinda Ortiz is a Spiritual Love & Life Mentor, Love-Energy Healer and Co-Creator of The Cosmic Temple™. Her mission in life is to help raise humanity “to it's highest potential.”  Dr. John Locke is a Spiritual Visionary, Producer and Founder of Cosmic Immersion Experiences. Together, as partners in love and life, they have created The Cosmic Temple™

Register - Cosmic Temple >

Judson & Kathleen (Soul Tones) create a relaxing sound bath journey - a sublime experience of profound heart connection & relief.  Over 100 singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, quartz singing pyramids, quartz singing triangles, & toning, all chakras become aligned, and a new foundation for deep peace is allowed.

Dr. John Locke, Belinda Ortiz 

FRI | OCT 5  | 7:30 to 9:30PM 

Trending Evolution: Source-Point: Dimensions are expanding openings to connection at ever increasing pace. Many parts of you, Guides, Masters, Angelics are here to assist you in activating and anchoring your sovereignty. Leandra will open you to multi-dimensional creative designs that have come forward in the past few months to assist humanity. The Reformer; a quantum design reformatting old programs to change energy thus creating new potentials for your happiness. Multi-Dimensional-Focus: a cosmic tool of understanding and creating manifest in so many different arenas. AND the point of power of SOURCE-POINT where consciousness leaps to assist you. This Cosmic Journey gives insight and activation triggers for anchoring this within. Included is a physical portal of Living Art “The Reformer”.

Leandra Murray

Creating cosmic linkages to assist Humanity into new evolutions of Mastery.

Register - Leandra's Plurkshop >

The True Story of Jesus and Mary Magdalena:
Their Life, Their Love and Their Family
- David explains what actually happened 2,000 years ago based on historical facts along with his three years of orchestrated synchronicities that were set up in his life that all tie into what people have experienced at the 300 'Portal Between Heaven and Earth' events he has presented since 2014. Over 5,000 people have attended these 300 "Portal Between Heaven and Earth" events over the past three years. Past attendees have shared having a conversation or spiritual travel with Jesus, Buddha, Moses, Krishna, Mother Mary, St Germain, Quan Yin, Gandhi, an Archangel or have reconnected with one of their loved ones in Heaven. It's an amazing experience.

David Young

David transforms the room with spiritual energy created by playing two Renaissance flutes at one time in harmony over his tracks. He has sold over 1,000,000 CDs and had two Grammy nominations.

Register - Davids Plurkshop >

MON | OCT 8  | 10AM to 1PM 

An exploration of the spiritual, consciousness, and energetic basis of life - and its relationship to healing and human transformation. Look a little more deeply at the quantum nature of DNA and the human soul and the information that is being made available to support human transformation in this awakening time on the planet. You can begin or more deeply experience first-hand the mystical healing potential found in Unity Field Healing in this powerful “group” energy. You'll be led through a series of meditative exercises and personal attunements to activate this power within you! Spend the whole day with Dr. Ryan in the Unity Field! UFH is a new modality developed by Dr. Ryan, following a series of meditative visions - as outlined in his book, The Missing Pill.   UFH works in the Quantum DNA field to support healing and personal transformation.

Dr. John Ryan

Associate Professor, Healer, workshop facilitator, author of The Missing Pill and founder of Unity Field Healing – accessing your “Quantum DNA”.

Register - John's Plurkshop >

Quantum Sound Healing (Group). Always popular! Using a combination of Access consciousness & the Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, you can create the YOU that you really want to be.  These healing sessions offer individualized attention in the group setting. The first 15 participants spend time on the healing table receiving a sound bath from a variety of singing bowls (classic frosted quartz singing bowls, antique Tibetan singing bowls, Alchemy singing bowls, along with the exquisite singing pyramids), and individualized toning. The bowls are also placed on the body to amplify their vibrational effectiveness.
We begin each of these healing sessions playing a variety of singing bowls as a way of connecting and clearing our collective energy fields. First 15 participants will spend time on the table, but everyone in the room receives the same benefit.

Soul Tones

Kathleen Farrell has been involved in the Healing Arts for over 28 years.  She is a Master Reiki teacher and studied Chinese Energetics with a 33rd generation Shaolin priest. Judson Chuck Cunningham has been a practitioner of Energy work for 26 years.   He is a Master Reiki Teacher and Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.

Register - Soul Tone's Plurkshop >

"I love, love, and continue to love the people here at the Convergence. I loved the energy and the passion and the healing."
Convergence Participant 2017

Join Us Just Outside of Santa Fe, NM
Oct. 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8th, 2018


"Best event ever. Loved it. Loved Marilyn and Joeaux. Loved my new soul family. Loved, loved, loved it."
~ Convergence Participant 2017