2022 Woohoo

2022 Woohoo

2022 Auspicious Year

So this is the first week of 2022. Oh my gosh. It is so exciting.

Have you ever been so excited about a new year? I think it’s because we want to leave the old year behind us and let go of all those old energies, or maybe it’s because we are embracing 2022.

2022 is an auspicious year, with all those twos.

I look in my 11 11 Double Digitology Book; even though I know it, and even though I channeled it, I need a reminder sometimes. Joeaux and I wrote this book together, and Adironnda channeled. I looked up six again, and the six is really quite interesting. The Tibetans said that it was harmony and balance, which I love. Adironnda says it’s also in balance because it’s got that rolly bottom, “In the past, the energy has been about material possessions.”

Energy Connected to Possessions

I think that it’s still important to pay attention to your material possessions because they can easily get away from you. People give you gifts, and they are wonderful things to sit around and look at. You don’t always have to keep them all, but they can be a treasure for someone else. So look around at your space, see what material possessions you love, and bring harmony and balance into your world. With that, it also says the six is about releasing your worry about your material possessions.

Your house, your car, are you worried about your car breaking down? Well, that worry brings that energy closer to you. It’s one of those things that you get the opportunity to clarify and trust that everything is in pure divine order. It’s also about being pregnant. That’s according to Adironnda. Being pregnant with ideas and giving birth to something wonderful, beautiful, and spectacular this year. I’m guessing they get the being pregnant with that rounded loop at the bottom of the six.

Taking Action

Adironnda also says, “What ideas are entering your world?” Lots of them. Do you have a project noodling around in your head that has been rolling around for years, percolating? When the six appears, it is time to give birth, metaphorically speaking, or take action, giving life-altering breath to a new focus, project, relationship, experience, or source of livelihood.

When the six appear for you, dearest, it is your time to move into action. Joeaux Robey, my business partner, created a company called Soulopreneur Productions. They are taking action, moving in, taking names, really acknowledging all kinds of things. And if you want more information about Soulopreneur or Soulopreneur Productions, she has a Soulopreneur Facebook page.

The new energy of six is about connecting your home and your new projects with the kindness of the universe through harmony. It’s So tricky a little bit this year, as we’re moving into the new frequency of humanity and the new world, the new energy and the new dimension. Adironnda has been saying for several years that we have no paradigm to base our thoughts or opinions on and that we actually connect in new ways.

Mondays With Marilyn

That’s exactly what we’re doing. So, in your meditation tomorrow, which I’m sure you meditate, I’m starting some new things this year. I’m beginning Mondays With Marilyn on Facebook. Now the time varies because I never know what time exactly I’m going to be available. Mondays With Marilyn, and sometimes we’ll do a meditation. Sometimes we’ll do something mystical. Sometimes we’ll have just a message from me or Adironnda every Monday. Then, I’m getting the message to have on the 22nd of every month, the double-digit, 1/22, 2/22, 3/22, 4/22. These are all on the Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group.

I’m getting the message to go live on Facebook with a channeled message, much like I did for several months last year on the 21st of the month, this year will be on the 22nd of the month because we have that double digit, a quadruple-digit, 22 22, laying down the foundation for the new world. So that’s what we’re doing. Those are the two projects that I’m starting. We have Everything Is Possible. We’ve got a host of other things coming, and I would love for you to join me as often as you like to get a little hug of love in your energy today, any day. I love you. I truly do. Namaste y’all. Namaste.

Be sure to leave us your thoughts on our Facebook post or in our new Adironnda Family of Love Facebook Group. If you’re not on there yet, then why not? 🙂


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