3 Missing Links to Activate Your Unique Genius Code as an Energy Healer

3 missing links webinar

Are you a Lightworker experiencing pain? Or an Energy Healing Practitioner who wants to learn and get certified in a new modality?

This free online event is for you…

Watch this video to learn about the “3 Missing Links” that will activate your Genius Code as a Healer!

Stay until the end for a special channeling and activation of your “genius healing code” from Adironnda!

AND, here’s a recap of the special limited-time promotion that Marilyn spoke of on the webcast:

Until December 9, 2019, all of our Holographic Healing Mastery Courses in the series are on sale for 33% off! The discount is taken at checkout (so they may appear to be listed at the regular price initially). Payment plans are available.

  • Purchase any of our 5 Holographic Healing Mastery Courses for just $444 (that’s a savings of $222 each)!
  • Or, you can get all 5 classes (including Certification), for just $1999 (that’s 40% off) when you buy them together on the same day.

Holographic Healing 1: Body Mastery – You will activate your ability to sense energy with your hands, expand your sight to visualize inside the human form, strengthen your intuitive voice, and utilize the dimensional healing power of the angelic realm.

Holographic Healing 2: Akash Mastery – You will discover some emotional causes for dis-ease and imbalance. And, you’ll learn how to go deeply into the Akashic records and then be able to identify those blockages from your past, or the past of your client, to assist in the healing process.

Holographic Healing 3: Quantum Vision MasteryYou will accelerate your ability to see, sense, feel, hear or know the human body and exactly how to remotely view inside your own body, or your client’s body. It’s also about learning to go in a little deeper and use a technique to rearrange the body and place it into alignment.

Holographic Healing 4: Practicing Mastery – You will get the chance to begin practicing all of the tools you learned in Holographic Healing 1, 2 and 3. Plus, you’ll get the opportunity to practice on people other than yourself. You’ll test your capabilities of creating a hologram of yourself (or your client) in front of you, so you can do this healing work remotely.

Holographic Healing 5: Certification – You will be able to get certified in the Holographic Healing modality as a professional healer and qualify to begin receiving client referrals from Adironnda & Company in the future. You’ll have a profile featured on our website to expose you to more potential clients. And, you’ll refresh your skills from the previous courses as well as deepen your mastery.

P.S. If you’ve already taken Holographic Healing 1 through 4, be sure to check out Holographic Healing 5: Certification which begins on January 15, 2020 and culminates with a live certification event, March 26-30, 2020.

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“BE the love you are.” ~ Adironnda


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  1. Nicole Lewis says:

    I cannot see the video “3 Missing Links”. When I click the arrow to start I am taken to ‘Video unavailable
    This video is a duplicate of another YouTube video’ Can you rectify this pleases Joyeaux

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