3 Things that Keep You Stuck from Taking Action on Your Life Calling

3 things that keep you stuck

3 Things That Keep You Stuck…

Yesterday, an eager group of soulopreneurs joined me on my live class. And it felt so good sharing the information I’ve learned from decades of coaching people, as well as my own experiences.

This is for you… if there’s something that’s been holding you back (be it procrastination, fear, unworthiness, ambiguity, lack of commitment, or some other gremlin) and you want the secret to get moving again. Or, if you’ve had this growing feeling inside whispering that you’re meant for something more.

In this live training, I go over (more than) 3 things that are keeping you stuck in place… And what you can do to propel yourself forward instantly. You’ll learn how to take inspired action and get out of your own way, once and for all!

Watch through the end for two activations, a BONUS TIP and a few special offers!


  • (3:49) Welcome message from Joeaux
  • (10:06) Topics to be covered during the class
  • (10:55) First thing to do when you realize you’re stuck
  • (12:36) New perspective activation – visualization exercise
  • (18:16) 3 Things Keeping You Stuck – #1 Stuck Sign
  • (24:49) 3 Things Keeping You Stuck – #2 Stuck Sign
  • (29:24) 3 Things Keeping You Stuck – #3 Stuck Sign
  • (33:25) Elevator activation – imagination exercise
  • (42:04) Mission Accomplished: Launch – 90-day program
  • (56:22) Special offer for Mission Possible – 30-day challenge
  • (57:38) Question & Answer session with Joeaux and Marilyn
  • (1:28:36) Bonus phrase and tip

What’s Next For You?

If you’re unclear about your life purpose and want to discover your ‘Divine Mission’ get all the details here:

If you’ve already gone through Mission Possible, and/or you’re ready to launch your ‘Life Calling’, book a time to speak with Joeaux here:

  • Schedule Appointment with Joeaux
  • Complete online application to see if you qualify for Mission Accomplished: Launch
  • Less than 7 spots remaining (when this was published)

If you’d like to get daily inspirational texts (or emails) to help you move forward in your divine mission:

If you want to get one of the awareness bracelets that Joeaux talks about during the class, you can see all of your colors and options here:

If you’re interested in attending one of Marilyn & Joeaux’s LIVE Weekend Plurkshops, you can learn more about that here:

And, if you’d like to watch the previous webinar that Joeaux mentioned on the call, you can find it on this page:

3 Ridiculous Excuses Lightworkers Use that Keep them from Living their Soul Purpose

Here’s to stepping into this next season as the best version of you, yet!

Honored to assist you on this adventure,


P.S. You’ll receive $111 off when you join me for the 30-day Mission Possible Challenge by March 30, 2020. You must use the promo code in the replay to receive the discount upon checkout. Get all of the details on that program, here >


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