4/4/2014 Double Digit Numerology Message – Transcript

Double Digit Numerology Message

During our April 4th Double Digit Numerology Message, the Divine Mother was the one who came through.

Double Digit Session with Adironnda

This session was quite different in that the 4/4/ 2014 activation began the session – then, the message was delivered.

First, Marilyn told a story:

I’ve been in meditation for a few hours this afternoon, bringing in some of the message. And they asked me to tell a story before I get completely out of the way. I did this one other time: I told the story of the panther in my living room. Um… I’m nervous! [laughs] It feels as though things are coming in very differently.

Take a deep breath.

Double Digit Numerology Message

Several years ago I went to Thailand. And, by the way, we are going to be taking a pilgrimage to Thailand next year. Mark November on your calendar. When I was in Thailand in 2001, I had the opportunity to go to an elephant sanctuary. And there was a 27-day-old elephant lying down in an area where the elephants were. There were several adult elephants that were not close to the baby, so I actually laid down next to the baby elephant, which probably stood—I don’t know—I never did see him stand up, so I don’t know how tall he was. But, they’re not small!

So, I lay there, and the baby elephant let me pet him and touch the bottoms of his feet. The bottoms of his feet felt just like the bottoms of our feet. And he explored all over me, as I pet him and touched him. And he looked directly into my eyes the whole time. Somehow, that’s connected to tonight. So, I wanted to share that story with you; I was asked to share that story with you.

As I was lying there, and I lay there for about 20 minutes with him—close to him; we were side-by-side, less than an arm’s length away—I felt his tummy, and I felt the tip of his trunk (it was moist), and I felt his little hairs, and the coarseness of his skin in relationship to the softness of his feet. I felt his toenails, which felt just like our toenails.

Then I moved very quickly, because I heard people hollering my name, and when I turned and looked up, Mama Elephant was right there! I have pictures of Mama Elephant. Close-up pictures!


But it was quite an experience to be that close to something that will eventually be so massive. To be that close to something that… that carries the memories of this planet. And that’s what tonight’s grouping is about.

So thank you for joining us. Take a deep breath….

After several moments of quietude, the Divine Mother speaks:

Yes, it is different and good day to you. Very good to see each of you, as well as those who will be listening to this 4/4/2014 in the future. This is very, very large, elephant-like energy! Very much so. So as you are connecting in this, know that all of those numbers—4, 4, 2014—add up to a 6. (The numerology of this date: 4 + 4 + 2 + 1 + 4 = 6)

Now this is what was the confusing part for the Vessel Marilyn, because in the past we have told her, and all other energies have told her, that the 6 represents material possessions and how much attention you are paying to material possessions. And we had asked the Vessel Marilyn to lighten her load, just as we asked her to share her story of the dearest baby elephant.

You see, that baby elephant represents the new energy of the 6.

It grows to massive proportions, and yet is gentle, nurturing, loving, caring, and peaceful. That is the new frequency of the 6. The 6 represents the feminine energy. The 6 represents, as The Joy pointed out, the pregnant energy.

So what you are doing—take a deep breath, Dearest Ones—what you are doing now is you are in the process of giving birth to a new planet. (Tweet this!) That is why this time feels like a bit of a struggle for some. Giving birth is not necessarily an easy undertaking. You see what we say? And giving birth to something the size of a planet will make women who have not given birth to a baby feel maybe squeamish a bit.

You see, Dearest Ones, that energy, that frequency—birth—is about the miracle of life that is growing within. That is now the energy of the 6. So you see, even in the past few years, that frequency has changed. Dearest Ones, we ask you to honor that change. We ask you, Dearest Ones, to connect with that energy of the ancients. Dearest Ones, we ask you to be as the baby elephant: breathing, growing, loving… exploring! New avenues, new ventures, new ideas, new things, new projects. Exploring the new you!

In the past, we have asked you to remember who you are. We are not asking you to remember who you are any longer. We are asking you only to be who you are, and to eliminate anything that separates you from that true essence. (Tweet this!)

Take a deep breath.

This entire evening is about activation. So each time we ask you to breathe, we ask you to breathe in one of the colors of the 7 rays of light [a reference to the activation during this Double Digit]. You see, as you are bringing those rays of light into your essence, Dearest One, you are balancing and embracing the nurturer who is within you, the Divine Mother. Whether you are masculine or feminine, we do not care. Because, you see, the 6 is also about balance. Look at the physical number 6—there is no strong foundation there. It balances on one little point. So it is about balance of masculine and feminine. Now, the elephant and the Divine Mother are both feminine. So you bring the masculine energy to the planet, to balance. Trust that in the energy field

We ask you to look to the elephant for the teachings. Look at the hardened skin on the outside and the softness on the inside, still delicate, still energetic. Mother elephants carry their babies for nearly two years; a very long time that energy grows within them.

Elephants are pretty thick-skinned. We ask you as you move forward to thicken your skin just a bit, because everything in your power, everything in your energy, everything in your circle of influence, is going to begin showing up, for those aspects that you still get to learn about. So if you start taking everything personally, it’s not going to be effective. Now we know we’ve told you not to take things personally before. Embrace the energy of the Divine Mother, to provide a totally safe environment.

Take a deep breath.

You see, Dearest Ones, the community that you are living in is a part of that elephant nature, and this is why we brought the elephant to you tonight: so you can use a very large metaphor.

And this is why I am here with you: to love you just exactly the way you are. Deeply, down to your core, to your essence. We ask you, Dearest Ones, dearest beings of light, to bring your community together. Take the lesson from the elephant. You see, when a baby elephant is born, the whole community gathers ‘round and assists. The whole community loves and touches that baby. It takes a village to raise a child, as it takes a village to raise a baby elephant.

Elephants are very telepathic. They communicate with each other without making their sounds. We know of an elephant watcher in Africa who passed, and elephant herds from all over Africa that he had communicated with came to his home to grieve his loss. This they did even though no one sent out a call, no one sent out the energy that he was gone. It simply passed from one elephant to another, telepathically.

We ask you, Dearest Ones, to form your community, even if it is a community of only two or three. Gather in silence. Practice communicating telepathically. That skill is becoming larger and larger in your environment, and with it comes great responsibility. You must never use that information that you gather for harm or to use it against someone because they are experiencing fear or pain. You must only experience that energy of telepathy with love, with honesty, with integrity, as a mother would her sweet child.


For the next 21 days, we ask you every day to do something to nurture who you are. (Tweet this!) Whether it is to sit with us in the morning in meditation, or whether it is to play a song for yourself on the piano or enjoy the blossoms on the trees—whatever moment it is, say, “This is my moment of nurturing myself, because I have been asked to do that, so I might get into the habit of that.”


The reason we began tonight with with the activation was because we don’t want you to get too used to the way things are. Our dearest Adironnda has been mourning you for some time, because things are changing. Allow yourself to breathe into that caution, with love.

You see, Dearest Ones, we are with you every moment. We are with you from the ancient times, as the elephant. Our sweet elephant is a remover of obstacles. Ganesha can move aside a building and can love his teacher so vastly that the energy makes the difference.

We are going to tell you another story about an elephant, Matoya, from Thailand. Many years ago, in Thailand, when Matoya was out in the jungle with his mahoot, his friend and trainer, Matoya stepped on a land mine and injured his mahoot, who might have died had Matoya, himself gravely injured, not carried him 18 miles on 3 legs, through the jungle, to get help. Matoya is still alive. And with donations of money—including those given by the Vessel Marilyn and the others who went on the same pilgrimage that she went on—people were able to develop a prosthetic leg for Matoya. That has happened.

You see, you never know how far-reaching your intention is. Breathe into that. What is your service? That is the seat of your soul. (Tweet this!)

[Ten-second pause, during which the Vessel Marilyn closes her eyes and bows her head. When next she speaks, the voice and energy coming through are markedly changed. ]

Adironnda makes an appearance.

Ah! So it is, we are back again! That was a wonderful energy message from the Divine Mother. Trust! Trust that energy of breathing in those lights, that frequency of the Seven Rays of Light [a reference to the activation just completed]. Because, you see, as you breathe that in, the intuition expands, the energy expands, the throat expands, the heart expands, the back expands, everything ripples out to create the focus in this world. (Tweet this!)

# The End

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