4 Blindspots that Enslave Lightworkers


and…Keep Them from Living Their Soul’s Purpose

Okay, okay – so you may not literally be “enslaved” because you are not living your life purpose, but you certainly may “feel enslaved.” This is because your reason for being on the planet is to live your soul’s purpose.

The challenge is many people don’t know what their purpose is or they don’t understand it. This is the number one question that people ask Adironnda during a private session.

Watch this video to learn about the 4 blindspots that may be “tripping you up”.


7:03 – Why Joeaux and Marilyn qualify to have this conversation with you

14:00 – If you could shift one thing in your life what would it be?

21:40 – Blindspot #1: The 3 most dangerous words in any language.

39:12 – Blindspot #2: Not knowing (or understanding) your soul’s purpose.

56:00 – Blindspot #3: Not having a true support system that you can rely upon.

1:08:16 – Blindspot #4: Not knowing how to take action.

1:14:51 – Something (else) that has helped 1000s of people kick-start their soul’s purpose.

1:23:25 – A message from Adironnda about your purpose

1:40:26 – LIVE Q&A with Marilyn and Joeaux

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4 thoughts on “4 Blindspots that Enslave Lightworkers

  1. Barry Embrey says:

    Hi Marilyn & Joeaux
    I’m in Australia inland from the Fraser Coast Queensland
    Thank you for 4 Blind spots seminar , I first had flashes/Visions in 1977 of an Accident I was going to have, I found out later! Those 4 resonated with me THANK YOU
    I’m 72 yrs Cheers Barry

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