6/6/2018 Double Digit Eruptive Change

Eruptive Change

6 + 6 + 2 + 1 + 8 = 23 = 5 Change is upon us once again. I know you have felt that there have been so many changes that you don’t think more are possible, but hang on Dear One, because the eruptive change is coming regardless of whether you are ready. The 6-6 equals total unconditional love and harmony magnified, so for the Double Digit Activation: State of the Universe Message we will utilize the channeled music of Randy Luna to help us flow perfectly into the harmony of the changes that are in store for us. Yes, Dearest One, the changes are eruptive, like a volcano, but acknowledge that staying in the harmony of flow is the best way to move through the changes we all have in store for us. Remember flowing with the energy is always better than pushing against it. As we honor the changes that are happening, we will facilitate the path of least resistance to flowing into the truth, beauty and love of the universe.

The Double Digit Monthly Activation

Questions asked during the 6/6/2018 Double Digit Eruptive Change

A Volcano Risk?

Joeaux: Is there a risk of another volcano eruption?

Adironnda: Take a deep breath. Yes, there is a risk of another volcano. The earth is changing. We do not want you to get all scared and frightened and catastrophic. That is what we were trying to avoid in our promotional information about this Double Digit. The change that is upon this earth is very big. Pay attention to your intuition. If you are being guided to shift where you are physically, do so. It is very possible that there is another volcano on one of the islands of Hawaii that will indeed erupt. The big volcano on the Big Island. We were there in December and looked upon it. Vessel Marilyn looked upon it, she thought, “Oh, this is not in the earth for very long.” This heat, this energy, it will continue to flow. We see it, we do not predict the future. However, we see it for another month or so. It is shifting the consciousness of the planet because it is drawing to you that change.

So, we have asked and we have focused, and we ask you to do the same, that any of the volcanoes, any of the natural energies of this planet that are coming to a…ahead, that they move with ease and grace, and that have as little disturbance as possible amongst the people of the planet. We know that there are many in other locations that have lost their lives with volcanoes. The planet is pushing back just a bit. Love it, ask that all are protected, and ask for divine order. Because we do see that there’s going to be a bit more of that energy of explosiveness. And with all of the light plurkers, play plus work equals plurk, with all of the light plurkers of the planet, focusing on the dream of the vision of acknowledgement of truth and love and gentle change, then it is possible. Next question.

Holographic Healing

Joeaux: How do you get your body back into balance and away from disease?

Adironnda: Well, we are talking about that in Holographic Healing (III), which we will present in July. It takes more than just one minute to express it. You see, your body is a response to your mind and your heart. So, when you’ve had your body sort of ravaged by ailment, first of all, we know that you are not owning that ailment. Otherwise, it would not be on the way out. Strengthen your muscles, even if it is the smallest movement of energy that you can indeed acknowledge. The smallest movement of energy will strengthen those muscles. Visualize your body getting stronger and stronger. Visualize any ailment, any diagnosis of disease in your body compressing into a smaller space and then disintegrating.

You see, athletes, when they have an injury, they actually go through their workout through visualization and it works. If it works for athletes, it will certainly work for you. You see, our Vessel Marilyn knows a woman who she taught in New York pole dancing to housewives as an exercise program. She loved it, was very good at it. At one point she fell and broke her pelvis and was in bed for months and months and months. She went through the routines in her mind, visualized them, worked with them in her mind. And when the doctor said she was able, she did not go through weeks and months of therapy, as he said that she would. Instead, she went through one week of physical therapy and was ready to go again.

So, you see, Dr. Emoto with messages from the Water proved it. You are the most creative life force in the universe. See your body getting healthier, visualize what it takes, and then follow through on your guidance. Understand that even small movement is better than no movement. Understand that when you ask your body what it needs to put in it for health, and it says lots of green things, then eat lots of green things. Maybe not green M&Ms;, but lots of green things. Understand that your body is in response to what else is going on in your world. So, ask yourself that question. Next question.

Joeaux: Adironnda, are you and Marilyn planning on writing a book? I think it would be a wonderful thing if you did.

Adironnda: We have many books started. We have one finished, it is the book on numerology, and our wondrous Deb is getting that energy all the way through. And hopefully, that will be…we hear an echo coming back. Do you hear that?

Other Questions Asked During the 6/6 Activation

The following questions were answered by Adironnda during the 6/6 activation. The answers are only available to those attending the Double Digit session.

The Next Double Digit Monthly Activation

Can you please tell me if, from your perspective, what you see for the outlook of the U.S. economy? I want to buy my first home, but I’m a little nervous because housing prices have gone up so much. And I don’t know if now is the right time to buy or not, thank you.

I am the creator of my reality, yes, and I’m stuck a bit. I know this will help so many. My spine keeps popping around and limits my physical activity greatly. I’ve had surgery and I’m working to understand how I keep creating my own spaces. Abuse started the back injury and I go back and forth between victim and creator. Insight would be so welcome, love and gratitude.

Crestone Nearly Silent Retreat

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