6 Is Pregnant? Double Digit Group Channeling on 4/4/2014

For some reason, April’s Double Digit Group Channeling theme didn’t come in quickly.

When you add up the digits of the date 4/4/2014, you get 15, which in turn yields a 6. I asked the Council for the deeper meaning of this, numerologically, and kept hearing “nurturing” and “ancients.” That didn’t mean much to me, so I started looking at pictures.

This one stopped me in my tracks!

I felt deeply drawn to this image of a mother elephant and her adorable baby.

Double Digit Numerology Message

When I closed my eyes and went into the Double Digit energy for this Friday, 4/4, I kept feeling physically, under my fingertips, the thick skin of the mama elephant. I felt her trunk exploring me, and my hands exploring her.

Then I clearly heard, “The Mother Mary is reminding you to nurture yourself and others, and listen for the messages from the ancients.” Hmmmm…

This much I do know:

Elephants symbolize the ancient memory on this planet
and are the removers of all obstacles.

Traditionally, the 6 was always a call to pay attention to material possessions. It also represents harmony. Now it feels as if there’s a brand new frequency connected to the 6, almost like an expectant mother.

Come to think of it, the “6” does sort of look pregnant.

Are you hearing the call of the elephant, too? Are you feeling the frequency of the new energy?

It should be interesting to see what will happen on this Friday’s Double Digit message, on Friday, April 4th, 2014.

Namasté, y’all! Namasté.



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Read the 4/4/2014 Double Digit transcript of this session >



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One thought on “6 Is Pregnant? Double Digit Group Channeling on 4/4/2014

  1. Judy A McNutt says:

    Woah! Beautiful synchronicity! I received you invitation to Like your page today and I am about to upload 20 new pieces of art to my website. Talk about giving birth!!!

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