8/8/2018 Double Digit Bringing in Balance & Abundance

Bringing in Balance & Abundance

So, it’s happy 8/8/2018! You know it’s just amazing that it’s already August. It just seems like we were just doing the 1/1/2018 and now already it’s August! Well, believe it or not, the 8/8/2018 adds up to a 27. 8+8+2+1+8 equals a 27, which equals a nine.

8 Means Balance & Abundance

I went into meditation and I asked what exactly this means in the nine format, and what the energy is for that, and what I got is, we’re actually ending several cycles right now. The eclipse of the past few weeks has connected with that, and it’s about, you know, the balance of light and dark; it’s about bringing everything in your life into that place of balance.

The 8 is the number of balance. It is the number of abundance, it’s the number of paying attention to your abundance. And so, in this capacity, what I got was, that we are, indeed, ending a cycle of lack and bringing into that new cycle the energy of abundance—the energy of abundance in all things, not just money. Abundance in relationships, abundance in friendships, abundance in fun, abundance in activity, abundance in many avenues that you are choosing.

This will be a very interactive Double Digit, because we’re going to have question and answer, and let you type things in, to accelerate what you are choosing to create more of in your life. So, woo hoo! I’m excited! The 8/8 Double Digit…what are you creating more of in your life? We’ll see you then! 8/8/2018, 6pm Pacific time in the USA, so you have to figure it out if you’re somewhere else in the world. Thanks a lot, I’ll see you there!

The Double Digit Monthly Activation

Questions asked during the 8/8/2018 Double Digit Balance & Abundance

An Emotional Roller Coaster?

Joeaux: Between Mt. Ida and Holographic Healing III I have felt an increase in my cellular vibration, which manifests as a feeling light flowing through me faster and stronger than ever in my life. I’ve also been on an emotional roller coaster. Past tense, not a purchase order to the universe, LOL. Is that an normal backlash to going to the next level?

Adironnda: Sometimes it is, dearest. Sometimes it is about…you’ve been holding all those emotions in for a very long time. You’ve been programming yourself that whenever the emotion comes up, it’s like, oh, this is not appropriate, so then you put it back. But they are still there in your cellular place. That is why our vessel Marilyn and the Joeaux actually brings forth that energy of connection, and they do it with a retreat, with laughter, with fun, and intensity. So with that energy, with that focus, know that you carry a cleanse. Cleansing that old energy out from underneath of you. Out from your cells, out from your body. We asked for it to be as gentle as possible, but we know that sometimes that energ…in Mt. Ida of which we will do again in two years. In Mr. Ida, you went in swimming and floated for hours, and the healing crystalline waters of Mother Gaia, and then immediately went into Holographic Healing to look into your body to right what was indeed out of balance. So now, what is happening is you are cleansing. Cleansing old programs, old ideas, old energies out of your body.

Has the Council of Light Reincarnated?

Joeaux: Are there embodied expressions of the Council currently on the planet, for example, reincarnated, if so do they know who they were?

Adironnda:That is an interesting question. Are there embodied beings on our Council that are reincarnated beings and do they know who they are? Ha. Yes, sometimes, and no. There are reincarnated Ascended Masters beings on this planet that carry that vibration. However, if it feels as though that energy is connecting, and you must proclaim you are the new Mary the Magdalene. You probably are not, because you would not have to proclaim it to the world. You would just get the opportunity to be it. There are masters or descendants of masters living on this planet now. Most people who state that they are may have a fragment of that master. It is not our job to say who is and who is not. But there are indeed masters among you. So trust that energy and ask yourself to put on your best detector and move into that energy of connecting with the master that is within you. We ask you not to give your power away to others. We ask you to find that power within you no matter who is living in your next door neighbor’s house whether it is a reincarnated Ascended Master or not. We know the Christed One, Yeshua, is reborn into the hearts of all humanity. That happened a few years ago. So does that make it reincarnated? Does that make the wisdom of the Christed One able to come through you directly. Yes. Does that make the love of the Mother Mary able to come through you directly? Maybe. Why not simply connect to the Ascended Master that is within you? Instead of worrying about whether Ascended Masters are reincarnated and walking around at the market that you buy avocados at.

Other Questions Asked During the 8/8 Activation

The following questions were answered by Adironnda during the 8/8 activation. The answers are only available to those attending the Double Digit session.

The Next Double Digit Monthly Activation

Could you please help us understand the energies of this Lion’s Gate even better?

What’s the best way to help people with grief?

What would happen if I do something that all of my family is against, but my guidance is to go there? In my case it’s a shamanic workshop.

Is there significance to the numerology of your name? Isn’t our power of intention stronger than the numerology of your name?

Lately I’ve thought of things I would like to accomplish during the day for the last few weeks. It seems like I’m getting pulled off and not doing what I have planned. I know I am being more in the now. Is there anything else that is taking place in my energy field?

Are you ready to blush?
We? Blush? Ah? This comment-question is, wow, you both look so beautiful. What’s your secret we can use?

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