9th Grade Algebra Wisdom

9th grade algebra wisdom

9th Grade Algebra Wisdom

I’m Marilyn Harper and I’m still here with my flat hair (like I was last week) although I just recorded last week’s video a few minutes ago (so I haven’t sat in this chair for a week). But I just wanted to share something with you. I was cleaning out some things and I found these two little books, Food for Thought, by my high school…my ninth grade algebra teacher.

I was shocked. My ninth grade algebra teacher says, in one of the books, he says, “Quotes and quips that he gathered over 43 years in the classroom.”

And it was fascinating to think of my algebra teacher having such a deep mind that that’s what he was thinking about. And it was fascinating to think that he would have a gentler side because he was one of those teachers that you sort of thought, “Oh, you’ve got Mr. So-and-So for algebra…That’s scary.”

Food for Thought

Anyway, everybody has multiple sides to their personality, don’t they? I mean, let me read one of these Food for Thought [quotes].

Three kinds of people. And these are all typed on little pages, and they’ve got…some of them are kind of running, so they had carbon paper on them, I’m sure, and they were all hand-typed with carbon paper. That was before mimeograph machines or something, I don’t know.

“Three kinds of people: Those who make things happen. Those who watch things happen. And those who never know what happened.” Interesting, aye?

Another one here. “A person who won’t stand for something will fall for anything.” A person who won’t stand for something will fall for anything.

“The mind is like a river. The deeper it is, the less noise it makes.” Now that’s deep. The mind is like a river. The deeper it is, the less noise it makes.

Handmade Booklets

You just never know what size, what the subconscious mind is, or what the conscious mind is when people are not off doing their job, and thinking this way, or thinking that way.

I mean, who would have thought that my ninth grade algebra teacher would put together these little books that are handmade and give them to people? I mean, they’re chock full of little quotes.

You know, it would be one of those things that… “Teachers are like a bug in a rug. Problems.” Hahaha!

What Quips of Wisdom Do You Have?

So, what kind of thoughts would you like to write down? What are those things that you say to yourself, or you hear, or you say to people all the time? Write them in the comments line down below and let’s see what happens. See what quips of wisdom we can glean from you, or my 9th grade algebra teacher.

Namaste y’all, Namaste.

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14 thoughts on “9th Grade Algebra Wisdom

  1. Wooddora-Rose says:

    I am not here to ‘Calm the Storm’ – I am here to be ‘Calm in the Storm’ .

  2. Janis Crosman says:

    I love you. I love your flat hair! I love that you bring Adironnda and your 9th grade algebra teacher to me this night. I checked your schedules this morning to see if you had the pleasure of some time at home in case I was courageous enough to call Joeaux or Marilyn. But I realized I must make my own decisions and figure out how to do everything in love as I move to change which I must do. Miss your both so much. So much gratitude for your gifts and service. Namaste.

  3. Jeanmarie says:

    Synchronicity.At age 65, I am back at Community College studying Algebra 1 so I can get into the engineering program because in meditation I heard to go design the environmentally sound non toxic non invasive non bird or animal harming small recyclable energy system I keep envisioning to help generate renewable sustainable energy.. And you are quoting your Algebra teacher. I just passed my first test 100 and it took four straight weeks of night and day practice because my brain was injured in a fall due to an assault mediating between two students punching each other in the lunch line. My words to add to the Algebra book are” When you see something or someone and their actions or the circumstances are out of alignment with the higher good don’t judge them.They are most likely in fear and need your compassion wisdom and support..”
    I learned this especially in my algebra class when the big lad behind me who always asks good questions shared that he and his brother were in jail (he was just released to a halfway house- his brother is still in jail)for killing a man who pulled a gun on them.
    In that instant I realized Spirit at work, your first instinct is to recoil, but I sensed compassion and ground and light and love were needed not judgement. So I asked how he was doing and he poured his heart out. I told him he had a good father deep inside of him ,a man who would raise his little boy just right.
    He looked at me and said , shit , you really think there’s a good Dad inside me? and I said of course there is. You just have to be your own good dad to yourself and raise yourself the way you would raise your own child. Just listen to your inner good Dad and behave the way he wants you to behave instead of messing up. His face softened , his heart energy expanded and you could see that he never saw himself as a good decent person and he was shy and hesitant but hopeful at the thought that he had a good father deep inside him. His inner compass. That’s my story except when I asked to hear the music they were listening to He said you don’t be listening to that gansta rap that’s some heavey shit. And I said Don’t judge me because Im an old white lady that I can’t listen. And he was surprised and it changed his attitude right there. No more judgement – compassion please .That’s my Algebra 1 story . It’s true and real and happened this past week. Namaste Y’all Jeanmarie from the Massachusetts group

  4. Kat-tie says:

    My newest Dear Sisters, that I am repeating constantly these days,,, The Universe is like a king sized sheet made out of 100% cotton. lay it out on your floor and follow these directions,,,,,, Fold the sheet in half, then fold it in half yet the other way… repeat these steps until there is no possible way that sheet can be folded in any smaller folds! As you hold your hand on the top of the sheet (Universe), call the task completed!! Now,,, it is your task to create a new sheet, in perfect steps to make such a perfect 100% cotton, largest size possible sheet(Universe) . WHERE DO YOU BEGIN????? As Kryon and all other energy sources say…. This is a metaphor!!! As an OLD TEACHER, I gather my knowledge from those before me, that give me answers along my way. I am passing along those same answers to you, although as any teacher would do, I am letting you find your own way,,, With so much respect, gratitude, and love for each and every one, Kat-tie

  5. Wilbert M. Stephenson says:

    If you want something done now, do it yourself. If you have time, ask a friend. If you have eternity, appoint a committee.

  6. Cynthia says:

    Dear Marilyn,
    This video reminded me of my kindergarten teacher. One day I was late and was sooo upset I was crying when I got to school. (Mom was sick and overslept.) My kindergarten teacher comforted me and said, “It is better late than never.” That statement stayed with me, and when I felt compelled to give up I would remember it, and it pushed me to continue.
    I love this idea of righting down our thoughts. I also love reading what others have written.
    Thank you sooo much for sharing your experiences.

    Much love,
    Cynthia Callahan

  7. Nellie says:

    My favorite one was what my Mother would ask me when I was “acting up”;
    DO You know why they don’t let Donkeys go to college? answer: No Body likes a Smart Ass…my Mother never said ASS even though it was in her bible, yet I knew the answer. Now I share to make others Laugh.

  8. Anne K. Hudec says:

    I liked your sharing about your algebra teacher’s quotes. Here is something I inherited from my mother. “Eat all the food from your plate. Your husband will be without blemish”. I still eat all my food from my plate. My husband, like all of us, is playing his role as the aspect he is – from the Creator Source.

  9. Melly says:

    The world needs a balance of masculine and feminine; they harmonize each other. It is out of balance because the masculine has been exalted and the feminine belittled. Balance will be restored as the feminine continues to rise.

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