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Language of Light in Art

Source of Feelings

In February, we are reminded to examine how Love shows up in our lives. In the new energy, perceptions are shifting and vibrations are rising.

The heart is the most vital organ of our body. It keeps us alive, and it’s the place where we feel love, joy, balance, and peace. Through our hearts, we get to choose our response to the experiences we encounter daily.

We can lead with love. Within those moment-by-moment choices, we manifest our reality.

Radiant Heart Symbolism

However, there are not many jewelry pieces that represent the heart in a meaningful way. Many of them use cliche symbols, like red rubies or diamonds, to symbolize this powerful love engine.

Our radiant heart symbol embodies a beautiful reminder to keep our hearts open, that Love (with a capital L) has no sharp edges, and that the Council of Light is always with us. 

It’s 17 rays represent the dimension that Adironnda comes from, which is also the dimension of Divine healing for all. The sterling silver shine depicts that we are a reflection of all we encounter, and they are a reflection of us.

Free Flowing Love

In that frequency, we created something special for you – two beautiful pieces of jewelry that show how much love is truly possible when we open up our hearts and let it flow freely through us.



This radiant heart represents Adironnda’s vision of what true love really means! Wearing it regularly, I notice the difference when I don’t have it around my neck, or on my ears.

Valentine’s Special Offer

In honor of February, the month of LOVE, we’re offering a 14% savings if you purchase the Radiant Heart Pendant along with the matching earrings. 

Add both items to your cart and use promo code: VDAYSAVE14 upon checkout. Limited quantities available so act fast! Choose between two different chain length options for the necklace (18” or 20”).

Emanating Peace and Love

We’ve found that the radiant heart helps you stay connected with your inner self, and spread more unconditional love across the planet, as you walk through the world a living, breathing generator of LOVE.

I’m hoping you’ll help me emanate that powerful peace and love by investing in the stunning radiant heart jewelry.

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Shining Your Love and Light

As humans, we have a lot of love to give, but often we don’t know how to express it adequately. The Radiant Heart jewelry can be used as an affirmation tool that will remind you of the power of loving yourself and sharing your Light with others.

When you wear these sterling silver pieces, you’ll feel your energy field expand and become more vibrant! Ready to connect with the things that make your soul sing? Wear your Radiant Heart every day as a reminder of how much you are loved, and that Love is unconditional.  Namaste y’all.


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