A Soul Family Reunion

Adironnda & Company is the proud sponsor of the Walk-ins Welcome Conference

Each year, Adironnda & Company with hosts Marilyn Harper and Joeaux Robey, presents a conference specifically for those of us who know our life destiny is to assist with the Shift of the planet. There are speakers, and 5th dimensional music, toning, and visual art – – – lots of information, and plenty of fun. We fondly refer to this gathering as a “soul family reunion.”

Watch this short trailer to get an idea of what a Soul-family-reunion looks like…

Here’s a review of the 2012 Conference:

We use this video so you can get a quick idea of what the conference is all about…
and you certainly can purchase the DVDs from previous conferences if you’d like : )

> > Click here to learn more about the Walk-ins Welcome International Conference

Watch this video for out takes of the conference…

Marilyn and Joeaux truly enjoy holding this conference each year. Hopefully, these 2 short videos give you an idea of the experience.
The DVDs from previous conferences are available if you would like to see more.

Watch your in-box for details of our next conference, ehr, Soul family reunion. We hope to see you there!


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