A Time of Learning New Things

time of learning new things

Learning and Teaching New Skills

Joeaux: So it’s our monthly message, Marilyn.

Marilyn: It is. What kind of message would you like to talk about?

Joeaux: Well, April was kind of a crazy month, don’t you think? It’s still in the stay at home.

Marilyn: It’s been a wonderful, intense, peace filled time. And, it’s been a month of opposites.

Joeaux: The other thing I’ve noticed is how beautiful it’s been. You said peace…for us it’s been really peaceful because we’re not traveling yet we’re still working just as much. I mean we’ve been doing livestreams and we’ve been learning all kinds of new skills and teaching all kinds of new skills to people.

Marilyn: I think that’s what this is all about is learning new things. I spoke with someone today in the park. I went and looked at the lake at a different location than where we are right now. And I spoke with someone in the park. Normally they would not speak to me, yet I think it’s because we’re all kind of starved for human contact. They talked to me and we chatted about and fed the ducks. She gave me breadcrumbs to feed the ducks and normally people would not communicate in that capacity.

New and Good Things are Happening

Joeaux: Well the other thing I noticed is because I like to go out for a run… I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of mothers and daughters walking, husbands and wives walking. Normally I see Moms with little babies out and now I’m seeing moms with their high school age kids out on bikes and walking. And remember the other day? We met the two families out walking, two moms with their girls, and we just stopped and said hello and it was beautiful.

Marilyn: I had a whole conversation and I even gave away a bracelet.

Joeaux: You did give away a bracelet.

Marilyn: And, I was talking with our chiropractor whom we both love our chiropractor… The thing that she noticed (besides wearing a mask and gloves to treat people), is that every night she has family with her three sons and they sit around and they talk about all kinds of things. They’ve even started as a family making masks for people.

Joeaux: Oh, that’s great.

Marilyn: Yeah, I have the first masks that one of their sons made. It’s a little tricky to get on but it serves its purpose. It’s so amazing to see all of the new and good things that are coming from this stay at home mandate.

Virtual Connections and Togetherness

Joeaux: Yeah. And I’ve even had a virtual date.

Marilyn: You’ve had more than one virtual date.

Joeaux: It was actually really, really fun. And I’ve done happy hour with some of my girlfriends and you have too.

Marilyn: I have too, absolutely.

Joeaux: And what’s cool about that is that I don’t normally get together with some of them and they’re asking to do it again.

Marilyn: Yeah. And my brothers and I, we normally communicate when there’s an emergency… or if Joeaux and I are going to be in that state or near them. We don’t normally communicate any other way and now we text, we have a group text going around every two or three days. I talk to them every week, just to make sure that everybody’s okay and just say hi and it’s great.

Joeaux: Yeah, we do the same thing. On both sides of my family, we have a text going where everyone just checks in. And it’s not every day, it’s every couple of days. If they find something funny about the virus, they may post a meme or a Facebook post, and everybody has a big laugh. It’s really pulled us together in so many ways.

Slowing Down to Smell the Roses

Marilyn: In the spirit of learning new things, can we share what a meme is?

Joeaux: A meme is a graphic banner or Facebook post that basically teaches you something… or a lot of times it’s a funny comment around a current event, which is mostly what I’ve seen.

Marilyn: So what new things have you learned in your stay at home mandate as you’re keeping separate? Have you written it down somewhere?

Joeaux: We would love to hear from you actually, so please be sure to write in the comment where we can share it. What different things that you’ve been doing or learning, has your life changed in a positive way? What kinds of things have you suddenly began doing that you didn’t do before, mostly because you didn’t have time? I was looking out the window this morning as I was having coffee and I noticed again, there was a mom and a daughter that were out just kind of looking at things and walking around and I thought, we never have time. We never make the time to do it and it’s almost like Gaia slowed us all down so that we could smell the roses.

Marilyn: I think that’s really it, Gaia has slowed us all down. I don’t think that any of us will ever return to where we were… to that go, go, go constant movement. I think that those of us who are able to sit back and relax a little bit are enjoying it. And even though we’re still doing all of our events they’re just moving online, so we had to learn a lot of new things to move them online. And we’re still learning new things to move them online. It’s a whole new world, and Adironnda has always said that there is no paradigm for where you are right now… and I think that that’s true. I feel that we are carving new gateways in the Quantum world, and I even read a couple of paragraphs in a book today. I don’t remember what they were.

Sleeping with Your Books

Joeaux: I thought you sleep with books.

Marilyn: I do sleep with books.

Joeaux: Are you going to teach people your technique?

Marilyn: You want to sleep with books? This is my technique. Do not put the book under your pillow because if you do, you will wake up feeling as though you’ve read a book all night long. Instead, put the book beside you, and set the intention that you will get the information as you’re sleeping, that you would need from the book. You may or may not get the story line, but you’ll get the facts that you need from the book. I have a book in my bed almost every night and again, you can put it on your nightstand. Although I’ve found that I don’t remember as much when I put it on my nightstand, it’s when I put it on the bed itself. And I find that when I take the book out of the bed, I get a little deeper sleep. So keep in mind that if you need your sleep, don’t sleep with your books.

Joeaux: And there you have it. If you want to read a lot of books, sleep with your books. I don’t personally sleep with my books but I always have a stack of books next to my bed because the first thing I do in the morning is I read for 20 to 40 minutes of a book, it’s part of my spiritual practice. Hey Marilyn, do you mind if I turn this camera around for a quick second?

Home of Mark Twain

Marilyn: I don’t mind. Turn it around. It’s so beautiful here.

Joeaux: I just want everyone to see that this is where Marilyn and I live. And one of our favorite things to do is to come and sit here on our lake, which is right at our backdoor and it’s so peaceful. Whenever either one of us needs a moment to breathe, we’ll come sit here. There’s something about watching water flow and right now it’s not flowing as fast as it sometimes does. Sometimes it flows really fast and sometimes it flows slower like it is right now. It’s a beautiful day here and who knew? I sit here, I’m from California, by way of Colorado, and I sit around on this lake and maybe there’s some of you who can relate to this but for me, being in Missouri with Marilyn is like Huck Finn. I think about Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer and Becky, they must be here somewhere and they even have a forest here called, isn’t it called Tom Sawyer wilderness or something?

Marilyn: Hannibal, Missouri is the home of Mark Twain.

Joeaux: It’s real. Those were my favorite books. So what else should we talk about for this monthly message, Marilyn? What do you want to say to everybody?

Marilyn: If you don’t have anybody in your world and you feel like you’re all alone, we’ve got a friend here that doesn’t live with anybody. But the thing is, to reach out to somebody. And you can reach out to us.

The thing I love about Spring is there’s so many different shades of green as the trees are getting their leaves. They’re so beautiful and some trees bloom, or do they grow leaves? Blossom?

Joeaux: Yes, they do grow leaves. If you ever look real closely, the reason it’s different colors is because a tiny part of the leaf comes out. It’s still that bright green mixed with the brown, so that makes the color and as it becomes more of a full leaf, the color becomes a deeper and deeper green. So it’s almost like mixing colors on a canvas.

A Wealth of Knowledge

Marilyn: I have learned today that Joeaux is a wealth of knowledge. Our friend Tracy went out for a boat ride on her kayak or paddle board or something and she wanted Joeaux to go. And Joeaux said it was too cold, that she would turn into a lizard and I said, “Well lizards, their temperature changes,” and then Joeaux taught me about lizards and snakes and things…that you can freeze them and then they don’t move, and they’re not dead, they come back to life when their temperature warms up.

Joeaux: Yeah, they’re cold blooded.

Marilyn: I didn’t know that you could freeze them.

Joeaux: Well you don’t exactly freeze them.

Marilyn: That doesn’t seem like a nice thing to do. We’re going to get letters from people that are saying, you freeze your animals?

Joeaux: No, this is a photographer’s trick. I come from the world of graphic design and photography and all that good stuff. That’s what we did was we would put the lizard in the freezer at a certain temperature and then you could pull the lizard out and literally like a piece of clay, mold them to the position that you wanted and take a photograph, and Marilyn thought I had three heads when I told her that.

Marilyn: So today’s the day about learning new things. So you’ve learned a little bit about how to photograph lizards and snakes. You’ve learned a little bit about the tree leaves that come out in the spring. You’ve learned that sometimes the current goes fast in this lake and sometimes it goes slow and that all depends on if the floodgates are open. I’ve learned that when it rains the day before to be aware of where you’re sitting because I’m actually sitting in a little puddle of water. I didn’t realize that.

Joeaux: I have white pants on, so it’s a good thing I didn’t choose that chair.

Learning to Appreciate New Things

Marilyn: You probably will when you stand up, it will be wet I guarantee it. So try new things right now. See what kind of new things that you’ve learned to appreciate in this stay at home time. Oh, look at that. We actually have a family of eagles that are living here that normally at this time of year, they are never here. They’re only ever here in Missouri in January and now they’re still here. I saw one just the other day, they have a huge nest just down the way beyond this side and the other day they flew down, they grabbed a big ole fish and took it back to their nest.

Joeaux: Wow, you saw that? That’s really cool. I know Karl, he sent us that picture of an eagle that was in the tree right next to where he lives. It’s amazing. I remember one time I saw a hawk swoop across the highway right in front of our windshield and it had a snake in its talons. And when something like that happens you have to ask yourself, what does this mean?

Marilyn: Yeah. Pay attention to the signs. And we’ve got our nice friendly boat just strolling down the river here. No motor going, just kind of following the current.

Joeaux: Fishing.

Marilyn: Or maybe getting ready to. This is the kind of day it is, so let us know in the chat below what new things are you learning to appreciate this month.

Joeaux: This is the Ozarks. If you’ve never been to the Ozarks they are the oldest mountains in the United States. They’re not tall like the Rockies but they are beautiful and they have huge trees covering them.

Marilyn: And so, it’s time to learn new things. Oh, look, that’s maybe a father and daughter.

Joeaux: Yeah. See? You see a lot of that right now. People are spending time together.

Marilyn: How nice. So what new things are you doing? Put them in the chat below and sit back, relax and enjoy your day. Namaste y’all.

Joeaux: Namaste y’all.

Marilyn: Namaste.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! What new things are you learning or experiencing right now? Be sure to leave us your answer and thoughts below.


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