144 – What’s it mean? [#134]

144 - What’s it mean?

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from a Double Digit member:

Q: You often use the number 144; what does it mean?

A: You see, all numbers are wonderful, but there’s a series of numbers that through humanity, through history, and through the future are considered sacred numbers or cyclical numbers; one would be the seven is a cyclical number. Another is a nine.

You go on a nine-year cycle, and then you have 144, like 144,000. According to some, they are the only ones that are getting into the afterlife. We are not saying that is true. We are saying that that is what some are saying. You have 144 dimensions. You have 144 chakras in the body. And so with that, the energy of that is one of the sacred numbers.

The Meaning Behind 144

You can lower that into a nine, four plus four, plus one equals nine, which is the ending of a cycle. But 144 is a sacred number of dimension. It is a sacred number of frequency. It is a sacred number that carries the energy of a greater focus than just 144, like the seven, like the nine. If you’d go 4-44, that also is a sacred number or the multiples, the 1-44 is the number.

144 is the number of dimensions that we are aware of. We have heard knocking on the door 177 dimensions, but right now, we know of 144. With that energy, hold that intention, and when you start seeing 144, know that the universe is looking to get your attention. It has nothing to do with the thousands of people that are entering into the afterlife, as some of the religious groups would say so— Adironnda & The Council of Light.

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