Accepting Wisdom[#111]

Accepting Wisdom

Adironnda Answers

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from a Double Digit member:

Q: Is there some correlation between my wisdom tooth breaking through on my 63rd birthday?

Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper:

A: Well, we don’t think you have to wait until you’re 63 years old for the wisdom energy to come into you. As you understand and know that your teeth are about your structure, your teeth are about decision-making. So there’s are some decisions that you may get the opportunity to make by accepting the wisdom.

Now, dearest being of light, we will ask you and all of the beings out there. Do you feel like you have to wait for the wisdom of the universe to pass through you? Do you feel like you, or are you constantly saying to yourself, “Oh, I wish I had the wisdom of the universe. I wish I had the wisdom of Adironnda; I wish I had the wisdom of Kryon. If that is what is happening, it could be that you needed a physical consciousness of the wisdom coming in for you to acknowledge it. So we would recommend that you acknowledge it.

To clarify, for everyone else, the teeth are about decisions, or actually, it’s about indecision. So, indecision could mean you’re indecisive, and you’ve got so many choices that you cannot decide on anything. Or it could mean that you are in a decision, making many, many decisions in your life. So, you might be getting a bit frustrated with that; which is it?

Remember, your teeth are also a part of the integral structure of your entire body. They are bones. Is it time for you to pay attention to your bones and be a bit wiser about how you treat them? Oh, maybe that is for “The Vessel,” Marilyn as well. She wasn’t treating her bones right. Understand that that could be about the wisdom tooth finally breaking through, or maybe you have relaxed enough to allow it to come into your body. Take a deep breath and see which it is for you and see which it is for the rest of the audience that’s listening. — Adironnda & The Council of Light.

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