Breath Into the Joy[#131]

Breath Into the Joy

Adironnda Answers

Featured Question

This week’s featured Q&A comes from a Double Digit member:

Q: For those people that are new to meditation and they really struggle to quiet their minds, is there something in the process that they can hang onto while they learn to become better meditators? Is there a mantra or something that they can use to keep their mind busy while they’re trying to get into that place of silence?

Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper:

A: That is a very good question. And first of all, we would say that whatever your mind plays with, start there, breathe into it. And meditation is not necessarily always about being silent in your mind because you are human; your mind is never completely silent. Or it is never completely… Because you’re always breathing, you’re always working, playing, thinking, feeling, and you’re always experiencing. It is about guiding that experience.

Start Breathing

So when you move into meditation, first of all, what we would recommend, especially if you are new at it, is to set a sacred space for yourself, light a candle, put a piece of incense, wrap up in your blanket, or whatever. And put on music or a guided meditation. If you use guided meditation, you want to listen to the words, listen to the story. Or, if you are not doing a guided or music meditation, start with your breathing, just breathing in and following the path of your air and breathing out, and breathing in and breathing out.

When you find your mind varies and your mind goes somewhere else to your grocery list or whatever, stop and come back to your breath.

For Seven Days

Do that for seven days or only seven days. And then, if you wish to add a mantra to give your mind something to focus on, “I am” is one of the simplest and most powerful, to breathe into I, and breathe out to am, breathe into I, and breathe out to am. Then if that still doesn’t quite work for you, then you can move to a guided meditation. We have several, and we even have short ones. Start short and breathe into that.

Play it over and over. Because every time you play it, it raises you to the next level. You see, so many times, we think we have to sit in the lotus position and sit with our back straight and do all of this stuff and breathe into this particular thing, or that particular thing. Just sitting still is power-filled.

Activation At Work

In fact, during the activation, we’re going to be still for a time and let the encodement of the music flow through you. And as it does, you will feel that energy. And when you feel that energy, it will activate whatever is in your highest good to activate. The ending of that cycle and the beginning of a new cycle as you are standing strong in that connection. So let’s take a deep breath. As Master Randy Luna materializes.

Breathe in one more time and then pause and breathe out. And breathe in, pause, and breathe out. And breathe in, pause, and breathe out.

With that flow of air into your body. The energy of this magnificent cycle that is concluding in the next two months will shift. So you will get the opportunity to breathe. On your next breath, I wish for you to connect to your guidance with your intention, your higher self, your heart. And with that, you will see, sense, feel, hear, and know who you are. You cannot deny it. You can only embrace it.

Magnificent Steps

For your next step is magnificent. As you walk upon that path, the energy as it is connecting is sweet and power-filled, gentle and strong. It is a flow for humanity as it is encircling you. So with the re-frequent, that focus allows the flow of the encodement to come into you and open your heart, open your spine, feel that energy. For your generations, back and forward into you.

Become One

To become as one, breathe in and pause. Breathe out and pause, in and pause, out and pause. Continue breathing. Breathe into your heart. Breathe into the joy that you are. For you are ending a cycle of lack. You are ending a cycle of betrayal. You are ending a cycle of all beliefs that you are not enough. And you are embracing the strength, the beauty, the wisdom of who you are, with gratitude. And with each energy, with each frequency, that gratitude simply embraces you as you embrace you as well. To be gentle with yourself, to sing your song of your own truth, to activate your wisdom centers, to simply be you.

It is with gratitude that we activate the cells of your field that are truly you and help you integrate any separation of you with you. We love you deeply, we see you, know you, feel you, and we trust you. And we ask that you do the same for yourself always. Namaste. Thank you— Adironnda & The Council of Light.

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