Dimensions and Densities [#133]

Dimensions and Densities

Adironnda Answers

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from a Double Digit member:

Q: Can you explain the difference between dimensions and densities, as used in the law of one and how it applies to going from the third dimension into the fifth dimension? What happened to the fourth dimension?

Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper:

A: Dimensions and densities are not nearly connected as much as you would want them to be. We have been in the fourth dimension. That is the dimension of chaos. We have already moved into the fifth dimension, we believe, and we know that there are many spiritual teachers that disagree with us. However, we do not believe that the people on the planet can be in one dimension and the earth in another dimension.

We believe that it is all one, one person on the planet cannot be in the fifth dimension, and another person on the planet cannot be in the fourth dimension or the third dimension. The dimension of chaos, the fourth dimension, the dimension of change from chaos, comes change, yes. That is the dimension of the transformational energy. With the fifth dimension, you have already seen evidence of it.

Psychic Abilities

You have psychic ability, connective ability, frequency, and more shifts. You can listen to people’s thoughts walking towards the telephone, and then it rings. Or you are thinking about a person, and they call you, or they knock on your door, you may think, “I just feel like a burger.” Be it a vegetarian burger or a burger, burger, and someone comes along and says, “I feel like a burger. Would you like to go get one?” It is the same thing, that is, fifth-dimensional living.

It is fifth-dimensional living when you are feeling something. Then it is immediately made manifest, take a deep breath when you are thinking something, and it is immediately made manifest. That is the fifth dimension. The fourth dimension is still skirting around in the energy, trying to flop about figuring out where you’re going.

Stop Flopping

Stop flopping about because you’re still demoting yourself or still pulling yourself down to a lower realm. Breathe into the strength and the power of you because that is the transformation of the fifth dimension. You are already there but may not recognize it. You may get confused with the dimensional realm and the dimensional density.

Some say that the fourth dimension is a dimension of density; that’s because it was thicker, it was harder to move through because there was so much change that was accommodated within that. The fifth dimension is the dimension of light beings. It is the dimension of instant creation. The dimension of knowledge as it is connected to your higher self because your higher self is truly in your regular self and is all a part of your field. The fifth dimension is the realization of that fact.

Fifth Dimension Energy

That is the energy of the fifth dimension. Raise your hand. How many of you have had moments where that is concerned? Yes, exactly, exactly. You are already in the fifth dimension. How many of you have had a little chaotic energy, too? That is fine. That is your body getting used to the new frequency, and it does not happen overnight like you think it does, in one millisecond.

You moved into the fifth dimension, in a millisecond, and you are getting used to it. Just like a baby is getting used to locomoting in the world, you are getting used to walking and being stronger where that is concerned— Adironnda & The Council of Light.

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