Divisiveness Concerning Vaccines[#75]

Divisiveness Concerning Vaccines

Adironnda Answers

Featured Question

This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 06/06/2020 Double Digit:

Q: There is so much divisiveness about vaccines. What do you have to say about vaccines for humans at this time?

Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper:

A: It’s a wonderful question, isn’t it? Vaccines. Most of the available vaccines, we don’t quite trust. Because humanity is so different, and the body’s chemistry is so different in response to many of the vaccines, it is a matter of personal energy. That is why we teach intuition. That’s why we teach you and help you enhance your ability to see, sense, feel, hear, and know beyond that physical.

Some vaccines are very good, and some vaccines work. In the fifties, there was a vaccination for polio. And it has all but destroyed it from this Planet. There was a vaccination for smallpox, and that disease is nearly gone from this Planet.

So you have to look at the vaccination itself. Now the vaccination for COVID-19, it is too new to know if it would work, so we do know that there’s enough groundwork for that vaccination to be effective. Or to know what the side effects are.

The vaccinations given to children in grade school, most of them are not effective any longer. They’ve been artificially produced repeatedly, and the formulas have changed. But you still must answer that on your own.—Adironnda & The Council of Light


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