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This week’s featured Q&A comes from a Double Digit member:

Q: Is the vaccine a goal in itself and not for the highest good of humanity? If so, should we spread the articles that highlight the risks of new MRNA technology, or is everything in perfect divine order, and should we just let it have its course?

Channeled from Adironnda through Marilyn Harper:

A: Well, take a deep breath, dearest. This is the course. As you are acknowledging, you can go back and forth and back and forth on the vaccine to cure your immune system. First of all, dearest beings of light, you should always keep your immune system as high as possible. You should always get the opportunity to boost your immune system; however, you choose to work the best with that. You know, eat blueberries, have a blueberry shake, take vitamin C, vitamin D, all of that to boost your immune system.

The vaccine is just the vaccine. You get the opportunity to go inside and ask your soul if it is in your highest good to take. And if it is, then do so. If it is not, then don’t. If you are in a situation where doing it or not doing it is controlling your life, that is not acceptable. You can always take the vaccine and ask your system just to let it go, in a natural way, go through your body and come out the other end. That is possible. Marilyn is evidence of that. Why aren’t they working on a cure?

Working On A Cure

They are. There are research scientists in China, in Australia, in the United States, and Canada that we can see – there may be other countries, but those are the ones that we see – that are deep in the laboratory, researching why this virus seems so different from others when ultimately it is not. It is contagious, just like others are. People die from that and complications from that, just like they do every year from everything.

What this is doing, unfortunately, is causing much of humanity to focus on the fear of it. They’re afraid that their mother is going to take the vaccination and get sick from the vaccination. And then, a year from now, she’s going to die, blah, blah. That is the complication of fear that is causing brother and sister to knock heads and work against each other, instead of saying, “If you feel like the vaccination is good for you, then take it. If you don’t, then do not. Or if you are forced to take it because you want to go to a country that requires it, and it’s controlling you in that capacity, just let it go in the natural way.” The bottom line is, each individual must truly decide for themselves.

They are researching what to do. That does not make the news because it is ultimately not newsworthy. Because, at the broadcast of this message, they haven’t quite figured it out yet. However, that is also changing with the changing of humanity in the next few months, because the collective consciousness, those research scientists – take a deep breath – those research scientists, we see a group of them sitting back and so frustrated. You can see inter-dimensionally, yes? Yes? Yes?

Move Beyond This Fear

So we see them sitting back from all their little test tubes and their Petri dishes and all their little microscopes and all that energy, saying, “We don’t know what to do. Show me the way,” and finally asking Source to show them the way to move beyond this fear. And we believe in this month, that is what is happening. And then it might make the news for the researchers that are coming through because they asked for help from something that is not physical, which goes against all of their training because all they do is focus on what is physically in front of them.

This is different. This is acknowledging the peace on this planet. This is taking the brother and sister that are knocking heads because one wants the vaccine, one doesn’t, and they’re, “You’re wrong. You’re wrong. You’re right. You’re right.” All of that energy and saying, “Show me the way.” You can even play the old song by Styx, Show Me the Way, to remind you that the way is there.

The positivity of this planet is not going to get lost in turmoil. Instead, it is going to bring the collective consciousness of all of humanity to a new level. And that level is love, peace, and joy— Adironnda & The Council of Light.

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