Celebrating New Year

Happy New Year, everybody, and welcome to the 1/1/2022 Double Digits. We are so excited about today. Can you tell? Do you know we can’t pass these out into the screen? Wouldn’t that be awesome?

While those two are playing, let me give you some housekeeping before we get started here. We are so excited about today because we have special guests and very special friends of ours today. We’ll tell you about them in a minute. It’s 1/1/2022, and I think that I don’t know about you, but I have such a feeling about hope. I have so much peace going into 2022. I feel like it’s about to get good right now.

Starting The Year With Goals

We go into the New Year. We choose Thanksgiving time, where we start telling each other, “Next year, this word is going to be my intention for the year.”

Marilyn’s intention is not original, but it is important. Her word for 2022 is gratitude. She chose to be grateful for absolutely everything in the world. Marilyn is grateful for that little step that threw her into the dumpster because otherwise, she wouldn’t be a walking miracle.

Randy’s word for 2022 is peace, and he will rid himself of all frustration. Frustration changes the DNA when frustrated. Let it go, get peace in your life. Things will open up and flow. So that’s what it is.

Joeaux has been in mind training since September. She started with 75 hard, which is all in a very intellectual, very 3D way. Joeaux did that for about 90 days. Not perfectly, but she did it. In that process, the reading that she was doing, which she chose for some reason. Everything happens for a reason. Joeaux read about all of these monks, ascetic monks because they’re the ultimate mind training. They give up all their worldly possessions, and they go on a walkabout in the jungle, where there are leopards and panthers and stuff.

They have no food. All they have is their robe. Sometimes they don’t even have shoes. It’s amazing because they do this, and many of them achieve enlightenment. Joeaux read this one book, and it was saying, you don’t have to do that. To achieve enlightenment, what you do becomes aware of all your thoughts. You will have compassion for every single situation. If you’re judging somebody or yourself, you become aware of it. Then you find the compassion in it. That would be a good exercise for her, said Joeaux.

Welcoming Our Guest

If you didn’t see any of our ads, and that’s not what brought you here, or you didn’t see our emails go out, you might not know who it is. We are so excited to have Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi. They work together on a joint mission to share Kryon’s wisdom messages and teachings as somebody we’ve been traveling with for years and during COVID. Now we are in the Kryon studio because we couldn’t travel. We could still bring the messages of Adironnda and also Kryon to you.

The Inception of Lee Carroll and Kryon

Our Kryon master studio is so great. Lee’s relationship with Kryon began in 1989. When he experienced profound, loving energy, it awakened him to understand that God was bigger than he was ever told. I understand that, and I remember when he said that on stage when I first started watching him. What a great way to explain all of our esoteric messages.

It’s just an understanding that God got bigger. Since then, Lee has produced 14 Kryon books since he had that awakening. He was the co-author of three Indigo children’s books. These Indigo books introduced the world to “indigo children” in 2000. They spawned so many follow-up books by various authors, movies, documentaries, and lots of interest worldwide regarding our changing kids.

Lee is the original channel for Kryon. He’s had 10 or 12 people on stage in Europe, who all say they channel Kryon, but he was the original one. The Delphi Metaphysical University has recognized his service to humanity as a channel for Kryon. They awarded him an honorary doctorate degree in science, transpersonal psychology, and metaphysics. Lee Carroll has been listed as one of the 100 most spiritually influential living people by the prestigious Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit magazine out of the UK for over six consecutive years.

Monika Muranyi – The Gaia Effect

In 2012, Monika Muranyi began her journey with Lee when she launched her first book published, and it was named the Gaia Effect. Monika published three more subject-driven books from the vast collection of the Kryon channels. As a result, she has masterfully helped tie together the complex subject of who we are and why in the world we are here. Monika has posed dozens of questions to Kryon throughout her books that provide all of us with a greater understanding and new realizations about our esoteric truths.

A Great Connection

Their partnership in the Kryon work has created three beautifully illustrated Oracle and card decks and two Kryon apps for the smartphone. A weekly online gathering of old souls who participate in the Healing Wednesday program as well. Please, welcome our very special friends, very dear friends, Lee Carroll and Monika Muranyi.

Expandable Time

Time seems to go faster for everyone, but especially right now. Getting older? No, I think the perception is speeding up. They say that the vibration of the planet is higher. That’s a colloquialism that says that there’s more light. I think there is a feeling of having sped up for many people. Even the young people.

They’re learning the lessons about creating our own reality and expanding time by believing that we have enough time. Time is such an expandable, contractible thing. When we were kids, we could hardly wait for Christmas too. It dragged on and dragged, and waiting. So that is a variable thing. We have some of that as adults. In general, we are experiencing an acceleration, a quickening, is what they call.

Consciousness, Magnetic Grid, and the Planet

Human and separate consciousness are both shifting the planet. I wanted to back up on the Kryon work over 30 years ago. In book one, he talked about the magnetic grid shifting so that the consciousness could change. That tells you that Gaia is involved, and this planet is our partner. It started to shift; the magnetic grid started to shift, that’s validatable.

That allowed for consciousness to also shift. If you want to look at the science of that, we’ve talked about that in many books and on stage. When we had the HeartMath project, they showed that when consciousness changed on the planet, the magnetic grid changed when the planes hit the towers on 9/11. This is the first time we have seen the correlation between consciousness, the magnetic grid, and the planet.

We are all together in this; Gaia, consciousness, and magnetic grid. We’re even moving into a different part of space. Our solar system is working in new space all the time. It’s moving forward at a tremendous speed into areas it’s never been before that are scary to some. There is some radiation there, and the astronomers are talking about all that we haven’t seen. We’re looking at it as being right on time. We are in a shift, and things are not the same. You can look at the science of that.

Engine of Communication

It also involves astrology because you talked about consciousness and the earth’s magnetic grid. One of the first things I remember from Kryon was that the earth’s magnetic grid is the engine for communication. Is it the engine of communication? What is communication? When you look at the science behind astrology, the earth is affected by the pull of other planets, as we’re being orbiting around.

Through the sun and the solar wind that blasts out the heliosphere, it pushes onto our planet. Through magnetics, a magnetic field around our DNA, we constantly get those imprints and impressions from the galaxy. It is based on magnetics and communication, which is why astrology works. When you hear the astrologists give information, please pay attention. They are studying the effects of the galaxy, solar system, and everything on us-it interfaces with our consciousness.

The Science of Astrology

One of the things Kryon has talked about is how astrology works and its science. Someday, they will see why things happen on earth when the planets are a certain way. Instead of this esoteric idea that nobody can understand, and it’s a party thing, what’s your sign? You’ll start to realize that there is some science behind it.

We always laugh about how when we have a full moon, they put more firemen and policemen on. That has something to do with astrology, its place, and what happens. It’s acknowledged but not the astrology of it. They say, “Okay, it’s a full moon, people go crazy.”

More than astrology is magnetics because the earth’s magnetic field is needed for biological life. Interestingly, if we start venturing outside the earth’s magnetic field, our body starts to degrade. It’s needed for life. Kryon was very clear that if you are going to do that, you need to create a magnetic field to take with you.

He was talking specifically about the Mars Project. That’s not been seen, and they’re not doing that, which is interesting to me. Even in the space station, there has been little research about how the earth’s magnetic grid would affect us. They’ve done gravity, plants, and all kinds of things, but I haven’t seen much research on taking the magnetic grid.

Shifting of the Magnetic Grid

We know the magnetic grid is with us when we go-creating it to have the health that we’re used to. You see it even in the polar areas where people go up there, and they’ll spend time. There’s a greater incidence of cancers and things like that. The magnetic grid is very weak up there.

I look forward to science about what happens to us when we go. I hope it’s not going to be the hard way. We would have to do something radical to change the magnetics we have. What has happened is it’s shifted. In the early eighties, when the whales were beaching themselves, the birds were going crazy, and the migrations were a little screwy. Both groups of animals and birds use a magnetic grid for navigation.

The whales were beaching themselves for so many years because the magnetic grid shifted, and they were following the old patterns. It took them right into the beaches.

The magnetic grid shifted because human consciousness shifted. When we were on a trajectory of Armageddon, but enough collective souls decided that they didn’t want to be on that pathway. They want to be on a pathway of unity, peace, and harmony. There were enough collective souls for that decision that required the magnetic grid to shift. It’s so that we are now postured in a position where we can receive assistance to push us into the next evolution.

Planet’s Awareness

People would ask the big question,” Is that okay? Fine.” Now we have a shift, a magnetic grid shifting, Kryon has predicted now for 32 years. We have the procession of the equinoxes. We’re still in that period in astrology. We have the rotation, the planet’s wobble, all of that. Then here we are, and we have COVID.

What is the reasoning here? Why would we go into such a difficult time at the shift, which is supposed to be an enlightened time? That’s the elephant under the table, even for metaphysics. Why are we now in lockdown, and why is all that? I keep telling people we are right on schedule.

This is exactly what Kryon said; it’s a light, dark war. It’s not a shooting war that we have right now. That is why there is so much strife, fear, and anxiety. Kryon has talked about this forever. Since I arrived, he said, it’s coming a time. So you should study your mastery and study yourself because of what we must do here.

It all begins within. What I find interesting is that when you’re talking to people who are not as familiar with the language, we’ll say it that way. So many people are still in fear, yet we’re seeing the consciousness of the planet shift regardless. That tells me that we don’t need 100% of love. There’s a certain point that is a tipping point. That’s not a hundred percent.

Old and Young Souls vs. Young Bodies

Half of 1% of the population. When you start doing the numbers, it’s still in the millions. It’s still a lot, but those are the old souls. If you look at the whole idea of reincarnation, how many people are coming back, how many are there, and how many people are coming in new, you still have many newbies coming in from all over the galaxy; the old souls keep coming back. There are more of them, and so it’s believable.

That is a particular number, Kryon says we’ve reached. Here’s the good part: we see many more young people in our work. We realize we are talking to old souls in young bodies. We are finally getting to them. I think I have spent most of these three decades talking to people over 45.

Those who have come to our conferences because they’ve had their kids, they’re done. They’re now thinking about their lives and whatever, so they’ve got time. This is how I looked at it, all of these years, we have had a group where I knew I was talking to 45 and over. I wondered, when will it be possible to talk to the young people? I was told, “You’ve got to go to social media; you’ve got to do all these things. This is not something somebody my age wants to do.”

It’s not something we grew up with, so we don’t understand it. But, I do now, thanks to you, but I didn’t back then. The idea of changing our paradigm of the way we work was not in my future until COVID happened. This is another reason for COVID and is for many of us then. To reach a preponderance of those being born right now, who are old souls in young bodies.

Knowing the Young People

You’re starting to see this in how they think, say, do, and spend their lives or their free time. I mean, it’s not like we did; and their goals in life. I shouldn’t give this away, but when I was in college, I tried to pick an easy major to get out of college. We weren’t thinking about careers or studying something we wanted to do. Many of the kids and us would get a good laugh at this. We just wanted a degree so we can get out of school. Now that’s the sixties for you and I was not alone.

Many young people and God bless them are saying, what is college for? Why do we even need to go? Let’s do something special and not go through the system as our parents wanted us to. The college degree that everybody wanted to get because you couldn’t get a job is not that way anymore. You can go from high school to a place where you get trained for a corporate or not a corporate job, healthcare or whatever, and not necessarily have a college degree.

We met somebody recently, and he’s an influencer. He invented himself in social media to impact other people’s lives on what he knows. He does it just through Facebook lives. There are so many young people thinking about how they can help other people. That was completely and totally missing.

Before, it was about money. Now, young people are setting a standard. They’re saying, what can I do that impacts the planet, and at the same time, I can earn a living? That’s higher thinking. That is consciousness.

The Soul Planning

One of the other things from COVID is that many people personally, Lee and I have known, have had their end of life. Surprisingly, those who have had an end of life are unexpected, shocking, heart touching. I take solace from what Kryon says, and soul planning is part of this shift. When you have your end of life and come in next time, there is a promise that everything you have learned spiritually, you pick up and keep running.

When I see the difference between young coming in and their different motivation, that is part of this scenario of soul planning-that overlay of why we are headed towards where we are headed. In the last channel Kryon gave for the healing circle of 12, we are given information that super souls are coming into the planet. Truly, if you are struggling with the news, the media, and your government’s dysfunction, whatever country you’re in right now, take heart. It is shaking things up that need to be broken to create something new.

We have the tools within ourselves and trust that there are those coming; we’re on the hero’s journey. The favorite part of the hero’s journey is that you get helpers. You get supernatural power. You have to go through the abyss, and there’s atonement, transformation, and training. But, the hero’s journey always ends up victorious. Take heart with that, and we’re in a very auspicious time right now, 1 /1 /22.

We didn’t plan any of this. What a great message to take into the new year for 2022, that we have so much control over it. We know it’s all in how you feel, what you’re thinking, and we all contribute to the consciousness of what’s happening. So why not choose to be a positive aspect of that consciousness?

The Power of 1/1/22 = 6

What people are doing now is they’re making that choice. They’re connecting and choosing consciousness, choosing happiness, and realizing that they are in charge of it. More people realize they are, and it’s catching throughout the world.

There is an oxymoron in the numbers if you look at that. You do numerology differently than I do. We look at the Tibetan numerology, how there is a synchronicity here, 2022 is a six and today is 1/ 1 /22, and that’s a 6. We’re looking at a lot of sixes, all of a sudden. The 6 is probably one of the best numbers that you could ever have in numerology, it’s harmony, balance, love. It’s right in the middle. It’s an oxymoron because people are not necessarily feeling all that right now. Especially the harmony part.

We’re facing some very interesting things in the new year. We faced them also in December when people had to decide whether or not to have the relatives over if they weren’t vaccinated. We’re looking at some things we never thought we would look at, and it’s strife. We have been put upon attributes we didn’t expect, and we had to deal with them. That is part of the puzzle.

It reminds me of when you go through something fearful. I’ll use the example of public speaking, terrified to get up on the stage, didn’t want to do it. Then it’s like the worst part of it was the second before it happened. As soon as it happens, all the energy goes away, and it feels great. I feel like that’s what’s happening here.

Having Courage for a Fearful Experience

This is part of your show and it is the first time I have ever done public speaking. I was an adult, but I was scared to death, and it was on a stage in an auditorium. I had people in the audience that I was trying to impress. I said, “Okay, I had three jokes to tell. That’s all I had to do, three jokes.” I was having trouble remembering them because I wrote them on my hand in ink. I could go like that and remember them. I got on stage and sweated it all off, petrified and horrified.

It was right, and I know what you’re talking about. As soon as it was over, then it was fine. They say that’s the greatest fear of all, right? Public speaking, I figured most people could relate to that one.

Someone asked me that once and I said, I don’t think I have any. I know I do, and I think the fear of not being good enough. I mean, that was probably the most frightened I was, coming on stage in the 2015 Summer Light Conference. I was so scared, I was physically sick beforehand because there were 11 of the most famous, honored channels in the world, and me.

We’ve got 11 channels on stage, and they’re internationally known. I had set the stage, and I wanted all of those. We have Marilyn, and it was her first time with us. We channeled one at a time, and she got the biggest laugh because she decided to talk about her tatas. I’m sorry, folks. That’s what happened, and I’m just revealing it. The thing about it is she had no idea. When she goes into channel, she doesn’t know what she’s saying. Doesn’t remember it later, we had to tell her, and she was embarrassed.

That’s an example of having the courage to do the things you are afraid of and seeing what happens. That’s an attribute I think we all need right now is courage, persistence, patience, and self-acceptance.

Building a Good Foundation

That’s what’s coming with the 1/1/2022. 2022 is a 6, which is harmony; it’s also abundance. As Adironnda describes it, it’s laying down the strongest foundation for the years to come. But those are standing alone in courage, standing strong. In the past, we were a world divided; vaccinated, not vaccinated, politics, non-politics, whatever, it was a world divided. The message for this year is calling in the masters, realizing that you are the master and that you’re laying down a new foundation of harmony. It is so powerful.

Based on this conversation, I think those words are inspiring; Courage, persistence, patience, and self-acceptance. Moving through those attributes, I think that sets us on a good foundation for the year to come.

Lee Carroll Channeling Kryon

I’m going to channel now, and I need to remove my watch and glasses. Why do I remove my watch? It’s because I drain batteries. Why do I remove my glasses? Because sometimes Kryon goes like this, and I’ve had them knocked off. Spirit doesn’t wear glasses, so bang. That happened a long time ago, that’s why I take the glasses off during channel.

All the gods and goddesses are tuning in. I invite you to take a deep breath into your belly so that you are breathing in and out and relaxing through your entire being. Every cell of your body is ready for this momentary pause. As you deepen that breathing, relax the top of your head, relax your shoulders, relax your arms and hands, relax your abdomen, relax your back, relax your thighs, knees, calves, and feet. Feel the energy within your feet, connecting with Gaia. Underneath you is our beautiful planet, connecting with you, and it is here in support of your journey. Let us ask to receive the following from Gaia. Let us ask to receive the following from the creator and all our guides and angels who walk with us.

I ask to receive courage, courage to move through my fears. I ask to receive patience, patience as I watch those around me, and even my own reactions to things, bring me patience so that I may step into my mastery. I ask to receive self-acceptance, love myself in a deeper way, and just take a moment to receive courage, patience, and self-acceptance and understand that the wisdom within your body will direct these energies and exactly where you need it. And that you are always able to call upon your helpers, guides, supporters on your journey. You are never alone. You are never alone. And so we welcome in the beautiful energy of Kryon.

Greetings, Dear Ones. I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. The time is here that we spoke about so long ago. That we have been speaking about for so many years. It is not a bad time. It’s a time of light. We’ve told you now, for many years, to expect a time where you could start to use the tools that so many of you know you have. Part of the frustration of a lightworker has been that the tools of light were always stopped, that high thinking was never accepted, that love, harmony, and compassion were seen as things that did nothing. So you’ve been in a bubble so long, dear lightworker, dear loving human being. A bubble that seemed to stop everything you did, where no one believed it, to a point where you were frustrated beyond belief. That those things which you knew worked didn’t work for you.

The bubble is starting to pop over and over. Not a bubble that goes away slowly. It is starting to pop. Where light can be transmitted and compassion works. The things in your toolkit that have been there for so long are now starting to be tools. Tools of enlightenment, you might say, tools of mastery. You start to get results. I want to talk about that just a little bit, the day, the 1/1. I want you to look at these things metaphorically, for this is the way spirit works with you.

The metaphors are always abundant for you. That is the way the spirit speaks. Metaphors can be seen by all cultures and all languages. Whereas the actual language perhaps is lacking. I want you to look at that one today and see something different. I want you to see pillars. I want you to see pillars that will hold up something that never held up before, You. I want you to see perhaps a foundation being laid that will support those pillars today.

The year of the six, the harmony, the balance, promotes that which is you, to build a foundation, to have those pillars, as large as you wish to support something that you’re building. You might call it the beginning of the house of mastery. We’ll use that term mastery, and we mean it just like you think. The masters of the planet all had something in common, and we can start listing those things. Those things are not necessarily the ability to create miracles. Those things are the ability to be silent when you need to. Mastery doesn’t react,

Dear Ones, it observes. Mastery observes and then sends compassionate action where it’s needed. There are so many things that mastery does that are you. If you study it, if you want it, or build this house, this is the year to start building it.

All of these years, these past two years especially, have been for you to see what should be done. You might say, I’m ready to change my government, I’m ready to do this and do that. Let me tell you the best way to do that because this is where it gets good and is about the bubble. As you continue to build a light temple around yourself, it’s a transmitter. Dear Ones, most of the indigenous knew about the transmitter in their own way.

Some of those early even religious systems knew about the transmitter. Here’s what I want to tell you. The more you take on that which is your soul energy of mastery, as you pop the bubble, the more you start using those tools that we’re talking about-those tools of maturity, harmony and balance, non-judgment, and peace. The more you start using them for yourself, the more you transmit that energy, right where you stand to the planet.

You’re a transmitter, and you didn’t even know that. That is where the term lighthouse, the metaphor, came from. The lighthouse stands alone on the rock, perhaps in the storm, but the ships at sea see it. It steers them into that harbor which is safe. It’s a transmitter of light. They may not even know your name.

The more you build your temple of light, the more you take care of yourself. The more you expand in all that you are, the more you transmit this to the planet and others in ways that you’re not even aware of. Until someone comes up to you that you don’t even know with tears in their eyes and looks at you, you say, “What is it?” And they say, “I don’t know what you’ve got, but I want it.” That’ll happen, and then you’ll realize that you’re a transmitter.

If you put enough transmitters on this planet of light, the planet, the governments, and systems start to change. The light exposes the corruption, the dirt, and the things that shouldn’t be there. All the things you’re frustrated with now start to click into place. The dominoes fall where they should, and the earth starts to change, making the shift real. That’s who you are. That’s what the 1/1 is about. It’s the beginning of the temples of light, all of you. I’m Kryon, in love with humanity for a good reason, so it is.

Everything is Possible

It’s difficult when you’re in trouble to get beyond the trouble. It’s something you cut through, the depression, and the fear. It’s like you take a magic knife and cut through that. But it’s possible.

Here, laying that foundation, that harmony. It’ll be interesting to see what Adironnda has to say about it all and take in that capacity.

The Numbers for the Year 2022

Everyone wants to know what’s going to happen in 2022. I want to know what will happen in ’22 based upon the numbers. Don’t you feel kind of a sense of like what he was talking about coming in already, hope and peace? We’ll see what Adironnda has to say and the numbers because that will influence it.

Channeling Adironnda

It is so good to see you, your bright, radiant light, your divine presence. It’s good to see each one of you because, as you know, everything is multidimensional now. So we see you where you are in your pajamas. We see where you are in your little bit of hungover. We see where you are in your little family gathering. We sound like Santa Claus, don’t we? As you are connecting with this information for the new year, we want to give you a little insight into the date. If you do not know who we are, we are at Adironnda. We communicate with a council of beings of light for your benefit to help you know what it feels like to be held in the infinite of love.

This year, 01-01-2022, that is today’s date. 1+1+2+2+2 all adds up to an 8. Now that, today, is about expanding your abundance. It is about expanding into infinity for the abundance that you are, not just money, but the abundance of everything, dearest beings of light. You see, that which you are thinking, what we’ve given examples of people beaming in beaming out, because that is the way the Vessel Marilyn wishes to travel, huh? That energy of coming in and out is a new way. You can focus your mind and travel in many different dimensions and realms. So dearest beings of light, that is infinite of the 8 of today. You are accentuating a new project, a new projection for humanity today.

That is why the Vessel Marilyn, Master Randy, and the Joeaux ask what their intention was. We ask you again, what is your intention to set down and lay the foundation for? For you see, this is a year of every different aspect beginning to come together and build humanity that is welcoming to the superhuman. The super frequency of the galactic and the humans on this planet. That is what this year is laying down the frequency for. As you are expanding in that energy, and radiating your new light, new focus, and new vision, we ask you, what is it? What is that intention?

You have seen what it is like to have nations divided. You have seen what it is like to have countries divided. You have seen what it is like to have other parts of the world divided amongst themselves and their family. You can’t bring your family over because they’re not vaccinated. You can’t wear the mask, or you don’t wear the mask. You’ve got this politics or that politics, or this energy or that energy. This is the time for all that to come together, to lay down the strength and the foundation of harmony.

The Tibetans see that harmony is the 6, which is the 2, 2, 2 of 2022. Now you’ve got that zero mixed in there, that is the energy of source. With that focus and connection, you’ve got those 2s adding up to the 6. That has harmony. That also brings in the Pythagorean energy of paying attention to your material possessions.

Our interpretation of the 6 is pregnant with new ideas. We look at the way the number looks and see what the energy is there. When you bring all of that together, take a deep breath. You have a new idea that you are giving vision to. It creates in your world, in your essence, field, and cells. That new idea may shift the way you look at your material possessions.

Ultimately, you create harmony in the space you are living and working, in the energy you are inhabiting, and in the field in which you are moving around this planet. That is what you are indeed laying down the foundation for, as it comes to the 6. It is magnificent when you look at all those 2s lined up together. We can’t wait for the 2, 22 of 2022 because it will be even more exciting.

You’ve got the 2s; a 2 by itself is speaking of duality. It is also speaking of the divine partnership coming together. The 22 is a master builder. The 2, 22 acknowledges that all partnerships are divine relationships and laying the foundation for humanity to move into that new direction. Those 2s are always looking forward to the future, but they still are the only number with a strong foundation.

We’ve waited for this year as you embrace and envelop that dearest beings of light. We are waiting with you for the super energy of humans. The acknowledged intelligence of divine creation is coming into play as each person on this planet discovers consciousness creates form. That energy, as you know, consciousness, creates form.
You know what you think about is manifested. You know what you feel in your heart is being created. However, even those who may not consciously know that right now, during this foundational year of transformational change, the new idea is giving birth to consciousness. It is giving birth to the awareness of being aware of your habit, what works, what doesn’t work, then bringing all of that into that state of harmony. To have the galactic come here, you must have a state of harmony. Otherwise, we know what might happen, which is not necessarily a fun experience.

With that energy, breathe into it. What would it look like if the world were in harmony? What would it look like if all that was divided, somehow, mystically, just as the dissolving in and out of the frequency here, somehow mystically dissolved in together? Honoring the differences to know that you’ve got in a scarf, you’ve got the red, blue, light blue, dark blue, and black, but they all work harmoniously like a stained glass window.

Humanity this year is looking a little like a stained glass window. Not to be separated by the lines and the lead or whatever that device is that connects. To have a beautiful rich color next to another beautiful rich color. The 2s are completely different, but they are not competing with each other. They are blending in harmony with each other. As they blend in that harmony, they no longer knock heads. Instead, they come together and form a union that is much stronger than separate.

When you have 2 separate fists, you can easily push one of them down or the other of them down. It is much more difficult to maneuver when they lock together. That is what it is. It’s like the stained glass fingers of humanity are indeed, in this year, coming together to blend perfectly even though they are not the same.

Do you understand what we say? We hear someone say, “How can they come together if they are so different? Well, my mother-in-law will never accept me.” That is your purchase order to the universe; breathe into that. If you believe your mother-in-law will never accept you, you are right. If you believe that humanity accepts and has an open heart to accept your mother-in-law, that reflects you. It cannot be fake or artificial, “Ooh, I love her, I love her. ” When inside, it’s like, “Ooh, I really don’t.” What is inside is speaking louder than what your lips are saying.

This is the time when you are blessing humanity. This is when your light is expanding to such an extent that humanity and mass consciousness are being affected. In the past, in 2021, many did not think that humanity would even make it through 2020 and 2021. That was the divisive period. That was the connection and disconnection of what you are choosing not to experience. Now, you are choosing to experience wondrous things and experience the illumination of all of humanity, not just the awake ones. As that illumination experience happens, you bring in that 6 with that two courageous 1s of today.

Today, you are starting a new frequency. You are setting the energy to stand strong with no foundation, that is the 1, to start something new today. What can you do to start something new today? Do you know how important today is? With the Vessel Marilyn and Master Randy, it was on 1/1/2000 that he said, “Come over, bring your little metal thingy. You take a meditation, and I’ll play the piano. We’ll see what happens.” He went inter-dimensional after that.

We could see the bookcase through him. Now that was 22 years ago. What you are doing today sets the pace for the rest of the year and for the next 22 years. That is why today, and this year of 2022, is so important. It is magnificent energy of master building a new foundation for humanity to set their feet upon because their feet have been up in the air for the past few years. Their feet have been doing a tap dance, trying to see if they can walk on hot coals or not.

That foundation is going to build in greater strength than ever before. What you are feeling right now, you feel that open-hearted love from us to you. We hope that there are others around the planet, as you feel all around the planet, hundreds of people at the same moment, listening, breathing into, acknowledging that frequency of the infinite love of humanity that is today, the 8, the abundance of all things, and all creation.

You are laying a foundation down this year. Things are smoothing out this year. We know someone asked the question about things smoothing out, and they said, “Well, an earthquake smoothes things out.” It is not the same. It is smooth sailing and smooth creation for that energy. It is hopeful, harmonious, diligent, and joy-filled. It acknowledges humanity in the consciousness of love. That is what you are laying down the foundation for right here, right now.

Play + Work = Plurk

You are light plurkers. Play plus work equals plurk, if this is your first time with us. You are the way-showers. You are the ones we have been waiting for. The new children that are coming in have conscious awareness. Those hundreds chose to leave this planet and go to the other realm in the last few years. When they return, they will have conscious acknowledgment and memory of who they are and what they’re doing. That is the evolution of humanity: the fifth-dimensional living and the new frequency of our time. So every time you think of yourself as basing it on something that has passed, take a deep breath. There is no past.

You Are The Miracle

Dearly Beloveds, you have been looking backward far too long. You have been looking backward thinking, allowing the pain and the degradation of humanity to become a way of life. The confusion, division, and disconnection become a way of life. Now is the time to trust. The miracle is you.

Look at your body and mind. Look at that which you create. The miracle is you. You make the essence of everything you choose. So if things are not working quite like you think they are, as the joy said, “Create something else.” You are the essence of this new land. If you choose to live in it, you must put forth the source you call God in the forefront of your heart.

For those directions, that guidance will help you flow through this activity, this action of this next world. The holy mother, the divine mother, the divine feminine, the feminine nobility, as you call it, are one with this year of 2022. You are giving birth to a new planet, a new vibration of this planet, a new frequency. Your language does not even describe what is happening in an interdimensional, multidimensional way.

Trust Your Heart

As you turn to the right and left, or feel an energy around you, know that it is me. Know that the veils are becoming non-existence in this world because you are focusing on the device that may keep you alive but will activate those around you. I ask you to look upon this world with compassion, gratitude, and peace for all things. What you focus on is what is expanding. When you focus on not being frustrated, the knot and the frustration are getting larger. So what is the opposite of that? Peace.

This world, this planet, this as you call Mother Gaia, is rearranging herself and lifting her frequency. There may be a little rocky times ahead. Trust and have faith that all is well. That is what the activation will be. To instill and install wellness within you.

We ask you to place your hands over your heart and breathe into the special encodement played with each note. Breathe into the frequency. Breathe into your intention of gratitude, compassion, and peace, as we, I, and the dear council hold our hands over your heart.

Cherish Every Moment

We all relax-the energy of peace. We breathe into the participation of peace. We envelop the love for humanity, with humanity, and through humanity. We acknowledge all living creatures as they are all playing their part. You’re the greatest movie of all time. We cherish every moment. We cherish the wondrous and the not so wondrous. We enthusiastically step into perfect health and love, for you are perfect just as you are. Breathe into the divine perfection, as the master encodes you with the new frequency.

Breathe into it. The gentleness, the truth of you. The acknowledgment of participating and embracing, actively cherishing everything. That gentle energy flows; allow your hands to open, to unfold the infinite of all things within you. The infinite love, peace, gratitude, and compassion; the infinite you. In truth, in beauty and love, you are always our messengers for this new world. With gratitude, we see you, we know you, we love you, and we embrace you. And we bid you Namaste.

Connection and Harmony For 2022

Happy New Year’s Day to those who’ve joined us here today or are watching the recording. Happy 2022 from all of us at Adironnda and company. If you’re joining us for the first time, we do this every month. This month we do it twice. We’ll be back on-air for 1/11, a powerful day, with Michael Brown of the Presence Process. A teacher of mine and Marilyn. At one point, I wanted to ask Adironnda a question about the new year’s resolution, and we’ll address that later. If you’re looking for a way to get into harmony and seek peace in your life, I tell you the Presence Process is the way.

It is a great book to read. You’ll get to meet Michael here in a few more days. Marilyn and I did it early on, and we’ve done it 2 or 3 times. It’s powerful because all of what you want in peace is about learning how to be fully present in the moment. And whatever’s happening, “How could this get any better?”
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