Adironnda on Daily Creations

Adironnda on Daily Creations

Message from Adironnda

Hello. I thought about what to say and what I would like to share on a weekly message, and I got an interruption. Yes. I do get those sometimes, and I felt this energy come in and say, “Well, we have something that we would like to share as well.” So I’ll get out of the way, and we’ll see where we need to go.

Experience of Creation

So there’s a good day to you. Very good to see your light, your brightness, your divine presence. Yes. We interrupt our “Vessel Marilyn,” and this message is brought to you by an interruption from Adironnda. We are interrupting her flow. For you see, we wish for you to be in on her experience of creation.

What Are You Creating?

Yes. That is what Marilyn is working on at this point in time. It’s the beginning of the year and 2021, and it’s a five, and everything is moving around. So what are you creating? That is what she continually asks. What is it that I choose to create this year? What is it that I choose to share with wonderful people like you? What is it that I choose to experience in this World this year?

Asking the Questions

We have indeed reminded her to write down five things that she can celebrate before breakfast. We’ve told you this before. To write down five things to celebrate before breakfast. And then to ask, what is it that you wish to move through you? What sort of emotion, what feeling would you like to have every single day? And start there.

I Love You

As you lie in your bed and discuss with yourself, “Is it time to get up? Is it time to stay? Push snooze again, or is it time to get out of bed or whatever?” Just say to yourself, “I love you. I love you. I balance all of my chakras. I see them all coming in.” We don’t have chakras, but we say that for you. We balanced your chakras from your root to your sacral, to your solar plexus, to your heart, to your throat, to your third eye, to your crown, and your soul star chakra. See them in the right color, spinning in the direction they are destined to spin, and then get out of bed.

Morning Ritual

Did you know that some people say that if you make your bed first, it makes you smarter? We don’t know about that. However, our “Vessel Marilyn” has started doing that, making her bed every day first thing. She used to make it maybe before she got in it at night. Oh, she says, “Don’t tell people that.” But you see, what happens when you make your bed first thing in the morning, and it’s not because your mother told you to. That is the wrong reason.

Closing up that Sleep Time

When you pull the covers up, it is like you’re putting a sacred place for you to rest and rejuvenate again and to step into your day. So when you start your day, think of that. Lie in your bed and balance your chakras, see them coming through, think of five things that you’d like to celebrate, and then when you step out of bed, maybe you go to the bathroom first. We do not know. Then come back and close up that sacred space of self-nourishment; you are closing up that sleep time that you will return to again that night to nourish your body with love and joy.

Everything is Shifting

That is what we wanted to tell you. We have more another time. We love you deeply. We see you, and we know that you are a part of the energy of this Planet. Everything is changing on this Planet. We know you know this. Everything is shifting around, moving around. It is like when you put your pants on, on the non-dominant foot, you have a difficult time figuring out which one is the non-dominant foot these days.

Bind to Your Source

Now is the time for you to truly go inside. This is the time for you to acknowledge that internal connection that you have with your Source. We heard something the other day that someone said that religion meant binding to one Source. We ask you to bind to your Source, knowing that your Source is not outside of you. Your Source is inside of you. Your Source is a part of the connection that you are with everything around you.

Rather Exciting

It makes it rather exciting to get out of bed. We will see you as you step out of bed, maybe. And we’ll see you at the ethers because we love you so much. I bid you Namaste. Namaste. Okay. Well, there you have it. Namaste y’all.

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