Spiritual Advisor: Adironnda

Spiritual Advisor: Adironnda

In 1999, I was involved in an automobile accident, but we all know there are no accidents, so it was a car wreck.

Following the wreck, a friend came to stay with me, she realized I wasn’t as present as I should be. She helped me to set aside my own consciousness and spoke to my Higher Self, or whoever was present, operating in my system. This was the first time spiritual advisor, Adironnda spoke through me.

It was a surprise. At the time, I didn’t know that was possible. Adironnda is a multi-dimensional being that works with a council (or company, team of Archangels, Teachers, Avatars, and guides) from Source energy. Adironnda is the “spokes-being” for the Council (or Company).

Adironnda and Company stated that they were sent to this planet from God (Source) because the beings here on Earth are “just not getting it, yet.” and “We” as well as you, are here to help with the shift.”

Meaning, in the past many people on Earth have not been shifting their consciousness to the love frequency. Instead “We” choose to help shift the consciousness of the planet to one of love. There are only two major emotions, love and fear, that connect us all throughout the planet and we choose love.

Adironnda Spiritual AdvisorTo inspire, motivate and provide concrete, effective tools and methods to help people heal their past, live in their present and fully experience the infinite potential of their own authenticity… always living in Love, joy and peace.

From 1999-2010, I worked on my own, doing private sessions nightly (after my day job) facilitating retreats on weekends and on my vacation. In my opinion, that was the time when I was acknowledging the added energy and getting acclimated to having this Higher Energy move through me. You must understand that before this happened to me, I didn’t believe in Walk-ins, channeling or much else metaphysical.

After working at my day job, plus doing the spiritual work in 2009, I began to be pretty frustrated with working ALL the time. So I began asking for help. Then on 1/1/2010, I stood in my living room and shouted to God, that I QUIT unless they were going to provide me some help.

Enter Adironnda the Council of Light…

Adironnda is a spokes-being that I encountered in the 17th Dimension. (Who knew there were 17 dimensions?) In 1999 after walking-in, in 1993, awakening in 1996 and somehow volunteered to be a Divine Link between worlds, ascended masters from this planet, archangels and humans.

Spiritual AdvisorIn the 90’s, after the walk-in, it seems I would leave my body at night and travel inter-dimensionally to another realm, doing healing work.

One of those realms was the 17th dimension where Adironnda, (whose galactic species had evolved beyond any type of form other than ‘mist’) encountered me. It seems, Adironnda had been send from Source, God, to Earth to help people awaken and prepare for the shift that was imminent.

During the first few transmissions, they stated that I, Marilyn, am an activator and have the ability to activate something in others to help or assist them on their path to joy. Adironnda was to magnify that energy activating and expanding to larger groups.

They first came ‘in’ as a spokes-being for a Company, who originally called themselves the Team. Archangels, Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, Ascended Masters who have lived in human form: Jesus, (now referred to as Yeshua) Mother Mary, Buddha, Isis, Ra, Sekhmet, Babaji, St. Germain and more.

When the “team” first connected with me, they said they were a team support or a Company. We have referred to them as a company from then, 1999, until July of 2015 when they seemed to accommodate more guides and began referring to themselves as the Council of Light.

Adironnda and Company Spiritual AdvisorIn my opinion, I believe because of my own limiting beliefs, I wouldn’t have acknowledged something so lofty as the Council of Light, communicating through me. However, the Company, seemed more approachable.

Adironnda is always the spokes-being who opens the energy. They come in with a force, especially in groups, and sort of pop open the participant’s heart chakra so THEIR own guides from the Light can start working on their heart.

Different members of the Council or Company can come forward to communicate directly, even though they generally don’t identify themselves. They normally, (if there is anything normal about this) speak as a whole energy together.

Adironnda has never referred to me as a Channel, they only refer to me as “the Vessel” or the “Divine Link.” Due to the language barrier without correct words to describe what I do, the term channel has been used.