Adironnda’s 11:11 Connection

Ripple Effect of Energy

Marilyn: Hi.

Joeaux: Hey.

Joeaux: So, we wanted to deliver a little message. I think this is a test for me. Marilyn wanted to see if I was paying attention to the 11:11 Connection message.

Marilyn: It is not a test.

Joeaux: She said, “I want you to do this by yourself.” I am so honored, to take a moment to show you the 11:11 Connection that Adironnda has shared with us that we should all do. We all have the opportunity together at 11:11 to create a ripple effect in energy going out all over the planet.

Expressing Gratitude

Okay. So, this is how I do it. Place your hands in a prayer position. We witness this quite often in Thailand. They call this the Wai greeting because you’re creating an upside-down Y. In Thailand, they do this as a way of saying hello when they greet each other. They are honoring one another, which is not something that we always do in our country. I think it would be a great habit to start doing. We are doing this for all that is going on, and a reminder to give gratitude. Why? Because gratitude is the abracadabra of the universe.

Set Your Phone to 11:11 am

So, this is just a reminder. You set your phone or whatever you choose as an alarm, at 11:11 am. You could do p.m., too, if you wanted. But we’re focused on am. When your alarm goes off, no matter where you are, if you’re driving, you can do it with one hand.

Thought Leaders

You take a moment to become fully present, and you put yourself in the prayer position. Take a few deep breaths to begin. I find that that helps me get into that place of peace no matter what’s going on around me. Then you put the prayer position up to your third eye. You then take a moment to express gratitude for the thought leaders, the spiritual leaders of our country. The people that you have the highest respect for, the people that, emotionally, spiritually and mentally, you turn to, or you regard what they say as something meaningful to you.

Then you ask those leaders whomever they may be; the Pope, Lee Carroll, Marilyn. The people that you turn to for that advice. That philosophical advice, ask that they are in the highest of integrity and that they lead us all in a way that is in integrity and love, and the highest, most possible vibration. And you take a moment to thank them for all that they do. Thought leaders connect to the energy of intuition, from our third eye.

Elected Leaders

Next, you move your hand into a position around your mouth. Here, this is for our elected leaders, the people who are stating things that are coming from their mouths. They’re making the decisions that could potentially be affecting all of us. And we take a moment to send them love and light, no matter how we feel about them. See them in the highest of integrity, see them from a place of love, making decisions that are in the highest good for everybody and our planet.

Retake a moment to say, “Gratitude is the abracadabra of the universe.”

Friends and Family

Then drop your hand down over your heart. This intention is for everyone else we love, for our friends and our family. The people who we turn to more regularly, and we see all the time. It’s a way that you can say hello to them. And again, you send them healing energy, send them love and light to be in the highest of integrity, and let them know that you are so grateful for all that they do for you and the planet.

And in that, you’ve taken the time, intuition, voice, heart. You’ve taken the time to express gratitude for everyone who is making decisions on a minute-to-minute basis in your life. As we send this frequency of love out to everybody, we are altering that wave that’s going out to allow people to feel that love.

Mindful of Yourself

The last step I do is I put my hands over my heart to remember to include myself, to send myself love, and to remind myself to stay in integrity. Be thoughtful about what I’m doing with my life on a day-to-day basis. And how I’m interacting with the planet and with other people. Adironnda didn’t say to do this, but please feel free to use it if you like.

So, I’m Joeaux Robey.

Marilyn: I’m Marilyn Harper.

Joeaux: We are Adironnda and Company. Marilyn is the channel for Adironnda.

Marilyn: And Joeaux is the channel for Soulopreneur.

Joeaux: I wanted to share that message with you. Marilyn challenged me because she’s usually the leader in all of this, and I think she wanted to see what I can do. So, how did I do?

Marilyn: You did a great job. Didn’t she do a great job? You’ll see more of this in the next few days because we’re going to do this everyday. And I recommend you set your alarm on your phone for 11:11 am and check-in in that capacity.

Joeaux: And teach others. You’re a teacher, too. Teach others the same thing. Can you imagine if you were in the theater and all of a sudden, the alarm went off at 11:11, or if you’re in the grocery store somewhere and all the alarms went off? That would be so cool.

Marilyn: It would be.

Joeaux: Namaste.

Marilyn: Namaste, y’all.

We love hearing your feedback and reading your comments! Have you had any one ask why your alarm goes off at 11:11? Be sure to leave us your thoughts below.


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