Adironnda’s New Year’s Day 2015 Double Digit

“State of the Universe”

Activation and Message

DD 1-1-2015

Based upon numerology and channeled with Adironnda

2015 is an “8” year, all about abundance!

2 + 0 + 1 + 5 = 8

Happy New Year, radiant you!

You are cordially invited, Dearest One, to watch the replay of Adironnda’s “State of the Universe” Message for FREE!

Every month’s Double Digit Activation is special in its own way, of course, but the New Year’s Double Digit naturally rises above the moment to take into its sights the full measure of the year just dawning.

Adironnda’s message begins, as it always does, with the numerology of the date. What significance is there — to you, to the Planet — in the fact that the digits in 1/1/2015 add up to 10? Or that 2015, altogether, is an 8 year?

Count on Adironnda’s to provide insights that range from the personal to the universal. And as a result, who knows what you might come away with? A new perspective on an old situation? Inspiration for your next steps? The thrill (and relief) of the long-sought a-ha?

Come find out for yourself!

Run Time: Main Presentation – 1:31:32

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