Parenting the New Age Activated Child [#45]

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 3/3/2020 Double Digit:

Q: In this new era with new children already activated, how can we be great parents?

A: Talk to them, communicate with them, ask them, “Does that seem like an appropriate way to behave or do something,” or, “what is happening?” You can appeal to their brain because they can think, and they can acknowledge, but they don’t respond to physical discipline or being sent to their room. You have to explain what that is now.

Treat them with respect. What would you like when you are learning a new facet? If there’s a need for discipline, ask yourself and them why. What are they feeling or going through that they must behave in this way? And what do they need to communicate to you? You can speak to these new children, and they will understand.Adironnda & The Council of Light

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