Adironnda’s Answers #1

adironndas answers

Adironnda’s Answers #1

Adironnda & The Council of Light love to answer all your questions. Since we get asked so many each month, we decided to share some of the best with you in writing (in case you missed it, and so you can absorb the info deeper).

This week’s featured question and answer is:

Q: Now that we are in the forth dimension, some say it is not enough to intend what we desire. We need to put it in writing. Can you expand on that?

A: “About every teacher that you come up with has a different theory on that. We believe you’re already in the fifth dimension, which is the dimension of instant manifestation.

Putting it in writing many times will clarify it in your own mind. Now, the key is, when you put it in writing, you may not have the capability of fathoming the whole prospect that the Universe has for you. Just like the story about meeting the Minister of Antiquities. We could not have put that on paper.

So, you can write out your purchase order always including the words: ‘this or something better.’

And know that in the olden days, before 2012, you had to write it all out with as much detail as possible. You can still do that if it helps you clarify. But right now, that manifestation energy comes from your heart. It comes from your connectivity. It comes from feeling that flow.

How do you want to wake up in the morning? Feel that flow. How do you want to feel when you go to plurk (play + work = plurk)? We want you all to feel like you’re plurking all day long.

How do you want to feel with that? How do you want to feel when you acknowledge the energy of joy that is around you, and see your task that you are to perform?

Just like if you are a hairdresser, you’re reprogramming the crown chakra of all people that you are with. And if you are a factory worker, every piece that you’re putting into the line has your love in it. So know that you are in control.

Now, do you have to write all that down?

We don’t believe that you do any longer. We believe that journaling is important, because it helps you work through things. And you can write out your purchase order to get clarity, but the energy is not in the writing. The energy is in yourself.

You have to feel what it feels like to go to your job every day and have more clients than you possibly knew to work with. Have your phone ringing.

Connect oversoul-to-oversoul with your clientele, and tap them on the shoulder so that they see the ad, they see your information, and call you for an appointment.

So understand that is your energy. That is not what you’re writing on the paper. Does that make sense to you?” Adironnda & The Council of Light

If you’d like a chance to get YOUR question answered live on air with Adironnda, join us for the next Double Digit Activation and State of the Universe Message. Your question may even get chosen as the feature in a future email!

Hope to see you online. We’re going to begin sending a transcript from one discussion each week, pulled directly from Adironnda’s LIVE Q&A segments with our audiences. We hope you’ve enjoyed the first one, and would love to hear your feedback!

Namaste y’all,

Marilyn (along with Joeaux, Adironnda & The Council of Light)

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  1. Karen says:

    Wow! I just realized after reading this that I haven’t written anything down in over a month. But everything is flowing along nicely. Thanks.

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