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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 9/9/2019 Double Digit:

Q: Adironnda, my question is about activating the DNA [strands] that are sleeping. Awakening the parts that aren’t activated, going into the 12 DNA strands, is that [done] by the power of intent? By saying yes to it? Can you please elaborate?

A:So, what we understand [about] the human DNA, (which is different than our DNA), what we understand is there are 24 strands of DNA, 12 pairs. And not to be confused with the 23 chromosomes, they are not the same.

But with the 24 strands of DNA, when you are activating them, you are activating more brain power. You’re activating your telomeres. You’re activating that energy in that vibrational frequency that is youthening you (not euthanizing you, just to be clear). Youthening you.

You’ve seen it already, that people are getting younger, that people have more energy than they used to have. And with that DNA connection, you can do it with intention. You can do it with feeling, seeing, sensing into your own personal DNA strands, and activating them.

It is also activating them, by living at the highest vibration possible for you. And when you live at that higher vibration, that automatically activates your DNA.

Now, what we have seen is we’ve actually had the energy of pulling the DNA through the hands, and through the bottom of the foot, near the arch, and pulling that DNA energy through the body with intention. Intention is everything. It is your intention to go into a body to heal it, it is your intention to build, be the love that you are. It is [done with] your intention.

So the intention of creating, or acknowledging, because the DNA strands are already there, science has just not proven them yet. But, you know, two years ago they hadn’t proven any dimensions other than three. Now they’ve proven, what is it up to,14 now? Science has proven 14 dimensions. There’s actually 144. They’ll catch up with this.

In that energy, know that your intention as you take that into meditation, that your intention is to activate that DNA energy within yourself, to activate the brain. If you draw in front of you, if you want to do something, draw in front of you the DNA, the double helix of the DNA, all 12 strands on each side, 24 strands together, and then walk into them and see what happens there.

What a noble idea? New information. We’ll try it when we get home, eh?Adironnda & The Council of Light

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