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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 9/9/2019 Double Digit:

Q: There’s going to be a change. Now what’s gonna happen to the people who don’t accept change? Will they go to a separate place, or will they snuff out like a candle? What will happen to people who don’t accept the change?

A: “That is an excellent question. We believe that it’s possible that all the people that are here on this planet, or others, have the potential to awaken, and change. We believe that is possible. That is why there are more channels on the planet now than ever before in the history of this planet, maybe in the others. Because they are awakening as many people as possible. It is why people that carry such big-hearted love, as The Joy and The Vessel Marilyn, that they are awakening people en mass. That they are almost driven to help people find that place to embrace the possibilities of their life. We believe that is possible.

We also know that sometimes people may not be quite ready for that, and then they may be rearranged. They may be helping from the other side of the veil. How many of you have had loved ones that suddenly crossed? Or loved ones that crossed slowly but they’re still a Light Plurker (play+work=plurk)? They are working from the other side to assist.

We do not believe that there’s going to be a big holding place for the people that are NOT changing. We don’t believe that they will be snuffed out, but they may be redirected. Take a deep breath. We know, that many times there are volunteers that are sacrificing their lives to awaken the people on the planet. And many times when they are maybe stubbornly being awakened, then there’s more volunteers to help others awaken.

We believe that in this planet that it is possible to redirect the negative energy into positive energy. We believe that is possible for all people. And we honor those volunteers that are teaching from this side AND the other side, because it is a big task to awaken a planet.

Ten years ago, you would never hear of the human trafficking that it is now. There may be a few people that heard of it, and you knew it existed, but now it is in every airport. Now it is on television. That is change.

Now, some of the most illuminated people of our planet, leaders, are being redirected because the integrity of their life is coming to awareness. You know, what was it, a year ago, two years ago? Thirty-four priests resigned because of the travesties that they did.

So you still have to hold, everything is possible, and that the people that are maybe a little more stubborn in their embracing of the light, or appear to be, they just need the light presented in a different way. And you, as Light Plurkers, get to find that way. You get to find that way to present that light in a new feeling so all can awaken.” Adironnda & The Council of Light

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