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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 9/9/2019 Double Digit:

Q: Hi Adironnda, I took the channeling workshop. How do you deal with the fear from others when they ask you to tune in and channel, and then it’s so truthful, they get frightened and act like you are to be feared and avoid you?

A:“That is a good question. There’s so much judgment when a human as a channel, when a human connects, and they seem to know things about other humans. You know, that could be channeled energy, could be intuition, it could be several things.

So first, we believe that everything that is presented must be presented in total and complete, unbiased, unconditional love. And if it is presented in unconditional love, and it is received in that capacity, that will be.

If there’s fear from the recipient then stop; take a deep breath. We breathe a lot, don’t we? Understand that it is from their paradigm that the fear is coming through with, or coming through from, their paradigm. So with ever so much love, ask them what are they afraid of? Are they afraid of their own truth? Are they afraid of themselves?

Now, we do not believe any channel has the ability to see when somebody else’s death is, or any of that negative, scary energy or information. And if they do believe that they can, it is probably their ego getting involved.

We believe that all information that comes through from Higher Sources is exactly that. And those Higher Sources are you.

Part two of How to Channel, which is the next layer of it (coming out in 2020), is about learning how to be neutral to present that energy and that information from that place of neutrality and total love. And when it is, then it dispels all fear and it becomes a teaching ability.

Because love can, what is they say, conquer all? True, cliché but true. Do you understand? Does that help?” Adironnda & The Council of Light

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