Adironnda’s Answers #2

adironnda answers

Adironnda’s Answers #2

Adironnda & The Council of Light love to answer all your questions. Since we get asked so many each month on the Double Digit State of the Universe webcast, we’ve begun sharing some of the best ones with you each week.

We so appreciate all the positive feedback you sent after last week’s email! <3

This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 5/5/2019 Double Digit:

Q: Adironnda, I find myself wanting to learn and experience as much as possible…and it doesn’t sit well with just trying to ‘be.’ Any suggestions on being?

A: “Yes! Yes, understand that when you get frustrated, when you get into that energy of, “I want it now, and I want it RIGHT now,” that pushes the energy away.

When you come inside and connect deeply, that brings the energy flow in.

So, feel in your emotional body what it feels like as though it is already done. Feel in your emotional body how that connective point is in your world.

And know that, that the more frustrated you are, the more you’re pushing the energy away from you. So, if you want it all right now, and you stomp your foot, that does not serve.

Breathe into it, and love the energy. Know that it is happening at the perfect Divine time, in the perfect Divine order, and that everything is flowing as easily as possible. Know that you are getting exactly what you asked for, then so be it. As Kryon says, “And so it is.”

That is the key. Feeling it in your emotional body is about acknowledging that flow of energy.

That is what ‘The Vessel’ and ‘The Joy’ teach. They facilitate getting that intention into the cells of your body at their Plurkshop (Awaken Your Super Human).

So, march yourself over to a Plurkshop (play + work) somewhere. We are coming to a neighborhood near you.” — Adironnda & The Council of Light

If you’d like a chance to get YOUR question answered live on air with Adironnda, join us for the 7/7 Double Digit Activation and State of the Universe Message. Your question may even get chosen as the feature in a future email!

The energy around next month’s message on 7/7 is one of infinite abundance. And we’ll be activating you to let the magic flow! Hope to see you there.

Namaste y’all,

Marilyn (along with Joeaux, Adironnda & The Council of Light)

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