2020 Numerology Equals 4 and 22 [#35]

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This week’s featured Q&A comes from the 1/1/2020 Double Digit:

Q: Is 2020 considered a 4 or 22 year in numerology?

A: It is a 4 and it is a 22. For you see, that is the new vibration. By all rights, when you look at the traditional Pythagorean or the Tibetan numerology, it is a 4. That is the foundation, and yet 2020 moves into a whole new cycle of the galaxies, a whole new cycle of information. 2020 is a pinnacle year, a turning point that is now moving the galaxy in a new direction. That is why you take both. In our definition, the 4, which is where we began, is the structure, the organization, the realization that the foundation is a bit helter-skelter and missing, and you’re always looking towards the future. And everything this year is going to feel like it is a bit off balance.

However, when you look at the two-two and the two zeros in this year, because it is 2020 all over the universe, all over the galaxy. It is still 2020. When you look at that, you’ve got that strong foundation, and the infinite that is supporting that foundation to help you build the mastery. So, in actuality, it is both. It is the year of organization and getting structure behind that which you are focusing on. It is also a year of building the mastery that is within you.Adironnda & The Council of Light

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